Wednesday, 25 March 2015

New line-up of presenters for Top Gear announced (hat-tip: Old Holborn)

Or, if Diane Abbott's unavailable...

Which would be two errors in one sentence. In case you're wondering who Zita Holbourne might be, she's one of the group of warm-hearted, caring, compassionate left-wing "activists" (a synonym for a noun beginning with "c" which momentarily escapes me) who disrupted Nigel Farage's family lunch at a pub on Sunday. Her Twitter profile describes her thus:
Trade Union / Community Activist, Poet, Artist, Writer, Curator, NationalSocialist, Co-founder BARAC UK, PCS Union NEC, for Equality, Justice, Freedom, Humanity
How terribly brave of Zita to admit that she's all for "Equality, Justice, Freedom, Humanity" - but not half as gutsy as admitting to being a  "NationalSocialist"! Still, despite that anomaly, I'm sensing a soul-mate. 

You can read all about the lovely lady and her charming chums on Breitbart London, here. I'm sure she's exactly the kind of person the BBC's Director of Television, Danny Cohen, thinks licence payers would welcome more of on our screens. After all, he's an absolutely  classic left-liberal Oxbridge media creep. He's been gunning for that frightful, unreconstructed, right-wing boor Jeremy Clarkson for ages, and tomorrow, it seems, Danny's wish will come true with the Top Gear presenter's sacking - despite a million licence-payers signing a petition asking for him not to be. Still, what do we matter? We only pay for the BBC, so why should it listen to us? (If I sound bitter about Cohen, it's partly because he cancelled the excellent detective series, Zen, in 2011. Tosser.)

The most awful thing about all this is that the name being touted as the most likely replacement for Clarkson is... Chris Evans! I'm sure the programme's weekly worldwide audience of 350 million will barely notice the difference. 

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