Saturday, 21 March 2015

Budi, the baby orang-utan rescued from a chicken coop

I know - I shouldn't give in to rank sentimentalism. But, even at a time when ISIS, Boko Haram and so many other adherents of the religion of peace are perpetrating inconceivable barbarities against their fellow Man, it's still hard to understand how any human being, no matter how poor, desperate, greedy or ignorant, could treat a tiny, helpless, loveable creature with such wanton, pointless, demonic cruelty. I know that we'd probably feel differently if Budi and his breed weren't so extraordinarily human in appearance - but they just are, and that's what makes the phenomenon particularly bewildering. It would be better if the fuckers just shot them.

Thank God for the people who rescue orang-utans, nurse them back to health, and prepare them for their return to the wild. I'll leave you in the company of another orange baby - Rickina:

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