Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Fulminators chillax on "Coasting" - don't worry, it's the last of my musical retreads!

I originally recorded this untypically relaxed number under the title "West Coast" a few years' ago, and, although I was quite pleased with the chord structure (mainly done using the black notes), the electric piano and drum sounds, and the general laidbackness of the whole thing, it ended up sounding a little too dozy. And the instruments on the bridge didn't work at all. So I speeded it up by 10%, stuck strings on the bridge, changed some of the instrumentation elsewhere - and now I'm actually quite pleased with it.

The photographs were all (with, I think, one exception) taken in Cornwall over the last 30 years. I wonder whatever became of the incredibly good-looking young couple who appear right at the end. (Yes, I know it looks like the bloke was some kind of cradle-snatcher, but the girl was only three-and-a-bit years' younger than him - honest!) 

Anyway, that's the last of the old tracks that I intend gussying up, so relax - you won't have to sidestep anything by The Fulminators for a while. 

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