Monday, 1 December 2014

Gordon Brown formally announces his decision to leave Parliament - an inconsolable nation mourns

And the most unintentionally hilarious tweet of the year award goes to Labour MP Jim Murphy for this gem:

Yes, Jim - thanks to Gordon Brown, Britain owes an absolutely humungous debt of £1.45 trillion. 


  1. Glasgow's Irish - descended Labourites, tautologically speaking, form a political Cosa Nostra or Murphia and Jim is at least a Capo in rank.

    1. And a fine job those Labour pols have made of running Glasgow - highest murder rate in Western Europe!

  2. Too true. There are, of course, many drug -related 'business disputes' incorporated in those figures and these events cause a considerable number of fatalities within the criminal class.

    However, as Lord John Russell was reported to have remarked when informed of the number of Irish Potato Famine deaths : "I fear that 'tis hardly enough."