Thursday, 4 December 2014

Beyond parody and beneath contempt: shame on these deranged, arrogant, vile American lefties

“You don’t understand racism!”  I hadn’t realised that being insufficiently resentful was now considered a crime by the left. One’s jaw drops and remains dropped at the sheer swinishness of these horrible, screeching dementors. How very much dare they!

Perhaps UCLA needs an introductory course on “How to Behave Like a Rational, Decent Human Being Despite Being a Major League Asshole”.

The cowardice of the political establishment in America - and here - has allowed the poison of Cultural Marxism (which is essentially fascism without the snazzy uniforms) to spread ineluctably through the veins of our higher education systems since the late '60s. The problem is, I'm no longer convinced that anyone is working on an antidote - certainly not the Conservatives or the Republicans.

I found this truly shocking video on the excellent American Thinker website, here.


  1. The following article goes along way to explaining why UCLA students are so obnoxious:
    My trhanks to Colin G Finlay for emailing me the link. Warning: unless you're a pantywaist left-liberal, it will make you VERY angry

  2. Here is another scholarly, liberal -slaying article, Scott. This one deals with the confluence of politics, imprisonment and race :

    It's surely a sad reflection of our times that the author had to remain anonymous.

    Thanks to some acquaintances on the Dissident Right of US politics, I learned that Lagriffedulion is now safely retired from his Professorship at Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, so, at least, he and his livelihood are now safe from the baying of the Leftist mob.