Monday, 26 May 2014

Right-of-centre parties got 51% of the UK Euro vote - so why did the Tories come third?

Tim Montgomerie wrote this in The Times last May:
Hat-tip: A Libertarian Rebel


  1. All good points but he forgot the 'gay marriage' issue. It's not one that figured high on my list, but apparently it did for a lot of people.

    The overwhelming stupidity of the 'elite' continues unabated today, I see. Politician after politician, pundit after pundit, reciting the magic spell 'lessons have been learned', which will no longer have the slightest effect on the werewolves. It is too late, The cantrip has been worn to such tissue thin transparency that even the thickest werewolf can see through it.

    1. From what I've read, UKIP supporters are the ones who need to learn lessons - according to one T. Blair, UKIP voters are nasty and unpleasant, and being worried about immigration means we're silly and out of touch with the real world. Now, I feel guilty for having disappointed my masters - I really must try and do better.

      Apparently gay marriage didn't even matter to most homosexuals, let alone to non-Guardian reading heterosexuals like you and me.

    2. I see Francois Hollande has said the Eurosceptic vote must be "confronted" - I suppose that means rolling out riot police and tanks and breaking a few skulls. He also said that voters didn;t want to leave the EU - they just wanted it to work better. Who says the politicians aren't listening?