Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A second selection of truly terrible album covers

Push what? And where? Oh, I see. No thanks.

You're welcome, Mike!
We all are, Vincent. Nervously.
I still wouldn't fancy you!
But then again - Y?
"Hello? Is that the RSPCA?"
"Hello? Is that Operation Yewtree?"
You're nicked! All of you!
No, Jim, I will not squeal like a pig.
Well, that's one Christmas present sorted
Nothing like a bit of honesty.
I'm pretty sure there used to be six slim girls in this group.
"Leave a message after the tone and He'll get back to you."
Thank God it wasn't the other way round!
Certainly talks a good game.
I'm thinking splinters could be an issue here.
Top of next week's BBC Radio Devon playlist, no doubt.
You can find my previous selection of dire album covers here

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