Wednesday, 16 April 2014

"So why have we handed out one million food parcels?" Because people like free stuff, I suppose

Here are a few other reasons "we" might have handed out ONE MILLION food parcels (according to the electioneering socialists over at the Daily Mirror):
  • Because some parents spend their benefits on drink, drugs and gamblng rather than on providing for their children.
  • Because the state takes money away from the very people who create jobs for people who need them, in order to spend it on the liberal left's pet "victim" groups.
  • Because the last Labour government encouraged Britons to borrow money they had no hope of paying back, and they're now having to pay the price for their feckless behaviour. 
  • Because socialist education policies have resulted in the job market being flooded with hordes of deeply ignorant, ill-disciplined, unemployable young people who can't speak properly, read, write, add up or get out of bed on time. 
  • Because decades of welfarism have destroyed the habit of work in many communities (Glasgow, for instance) and have created a whole class of utterly useless, conscienceless layabouts who don't see why they should bother looking after themselves or their chidlren when there's always someone else around to do it for them. 
  • Because successive governments have kept whole regions - indeed, whole countries - going with expensive public sector non-jobs.
  • Because, if we didn't pretend there was mass starvation in Britain, many well-paid,  hand-wringing, middle-class, public sector compassion-mongers might actually have to find real work.
  • Because business is being strangled by government and EU red tape and taxes and interfering public sector busybodies.
  • Because Gordon Brown - the Chancellor/Prime Minister suuported throughout his reign by the Daily Mirror - destroyed so much of this country's manufacturing base.
  • Because Labour - the party the Daily Mirror supports - spent all our money, and then some.
But mainly, I suspect it really is because if you offer people free stuff, they'll take it - after all, if such behaviour is good enough for MPs and bankers, why not for those at the opposite end of the economic spectrum?

What the current popularity of food banks won't have anything to do with is imaginary government "cuts".

Of course, the reason for the Mirror resorting to such hysterical, emotive tosh is that the Left is panicking - and with good reason. The economy is improving, wage increases are about to outstrip inflation and Labour's whole "cost of living crisis" narrative is already feeling very 2013 - and will be dead in the water by the next election (unless the Eurozone implodes or Obama's anaemic brand of European-style socialism stifles America's economic recovery). Hence the standard left-wing resort to lying propaganda of a particularly unpleasant kind.

By the way, the photo used on the Mirror's front page is a "file photo" credited to Getty/Flickr - so it's basically yet another piece of nauseating fakery from a newspaper no decent person would willingly wipe their arse with.


  1. The last time we had a Conservative government ISTR the scam du jour was 'the homeless' and endless hand-wringing features about heroin addicts (and their dogs - they always had a rat on a piece of string) living in cardboard boxes in shop doorways

    Amazingly, twenty three seconds after the Blair junta took office, the cardboard cities ceased to be a newsworthy feature.

    Food banks, my arse!

    1. Ah, yes, "rough sleepers"! One of the first things I had to do for BBC News back in the '80s was to go to a local hostel for young homeless people to record some interviews for a deeply compassionate "isn't Mrs. Thatcher a heartless bitch!" package for the main evening bulletin. They were all pissed as rats at 11 in the morning and, despite carefully explaining to them that constantly using the words "fuck" and "shit" would mean they wouldn't get on the telly, they kept doing it (they remained convinced that all television was "live"). I must admit, this experience made me wonder whether - at least in some cases - there might be a causal relationship between substance abuse, extreme stupidity, bone idleness and homelessness. I wonder if Polly Toynbee would agree.

    2. ...and the other thing that mysteriously disappears whenever Labour win an election is "the wrong sort of growth", only to mysteriiously reappear the instant they're turfed out of office.

  2. One of the ex-KCS brood runs a food bank in her spare time at the weekend in a reasonably affluent suburb. Among the expressions she has used to describe the clientele are "obviously mentally ill", "out of control" "never been taught how to organise their lives", "she comes to the food bank for company" and "just lost their job/fallen on hard times". I don't think she has ever used the word "poverty".