Saturday, 1 February 2014

Farewell, Sally Morgan of Ofsted - ousting lefties from key public sector posts is a really great idea

So the government has decided not to reappoint former Blair adviser “Baroness” Morgan as “chair” (God, what a stupid term) of the schools inspection body Ofsted.  She, typifying the quiet dignity and humility invariably displayed by self-regarding leftie quangocrats, has gone on a public whingefest, accusing the government of ousting non-Tories from public service posts. Well, excuse me if I don’t burst into tears, Sal.

The best thing Mrs. Thatcher did was to revive Britain’s economy after decades of ruinous sovietisation. The worst thing she did was to allow the Left – which had been comprehensively rejected by the electorate – to gain control of pretty much the whole of the public sector apart from Parliament. The main reason the Conservatives won’t win an outright majority at the next election against a comically inept Labour leader and a cosmically useless shadow chancellor is the that the Left has used the education system, the NHS and the BBC to brainwash the majority of the electorate into believing that all Tories are evil, that there’s really no need to repay your debts, that the rich only get where they are by exploiting the poor, and that the Labour Party is on the side of “the people”.

I’ve no idea why the likes of Sally Morgan imagine that a Tory-led government should as a matter of course allow a bunch of compassion-mongering wreckers to maintain a stranglehold on the public sector, when it’s blindingly obvious that, for the good of the country, every equalitarian, Europhiliac, socialist  gauleiter should have been given five minutes to clear their desks and marched out of the building (at the point of a gun, if necessary)  in the wake of the 2010 election. And told to pay for the taxi home out of their own pocket - for a change.

Traditional Conservatives – all frightfully nice, well-brought up types - will no doubt disagree, dismissing this sort of nakedly partisan approach as a betrayal of the principles upon which the British state has traditionally been run. Well, sod it – the public sector Left is incredibly well-organised, enormously influential, limpet-like when it comes to holding on to power, and terribly destructive: they’ve been running rings around the Conservatives for decades, and this might be the Tories’ last opportunity to run the bastards off the reservation. Of course, they’ll all come crawling back after Labour and the LibDems “win” next year – but I’m sure most right-wingers would like to see our side (for once) employing every available weapon in its armoury in the never-ending cultural war against the massed ranks of the left-liberal establishment before darkness once more descends across the land.


  1. Amen to that. And just look at how the BBC has wound itself round the legs of this story all day, purring like a demented cat.

    According to The Spectator, over 70 per cent of t'buggers that run the quangos (you know, the ones Call Me Dave vowed to incinerate) are socialist placemen. You can probably add to that 80 per cent of the lower ranks, entryists to a man (or woman).

    1. I'm still reeling from the discovery that Chris "Lord" Smith (Baron Smith of Finsbury, no less), a former Labour cabinet minister (and a pretty useless one at that) has ten (paid and unpaid) "jobs" in addition to being "chair" of the Environment Agency. That is scandalous.

  2. Ahem...correct me if I am wrong, but were you not once a coeval of Baron Smith at the Quisling Factory and a fellow member of the Labour Party Club? Perhaps you could explain his strange facial configuration.

    I will never understand how British politicos lurch into jobs for which they are totally unqualified. I watched "Question Time" the other night [yes, I know] and was confronted by Baron Smith's successor in Islington South, one Emily Thornberry. She talked such unmitigated cock that even the QT audience started guffawing. She is the Shadow Attorney General [elected 2005, majority 350, all-women short-list]. England Awake!

    1. Believe it or not, Smith looked almost normal 40 years' ago. I have no idea what's gone wrong.

      It was very brave of you to watch Question Time - for me, 30" of it is enough to bring on anaphylactic shock. I'm pretty sure these frightful people get on because they're so inhuman and boring they can attend the official meetings, read the reports, and speak to the lobbyists and party activists who would reduce any normal human being with a sense of the absurd, outside interests, a modicum of self-doubt and an inability to spout bollocks without embarrassment to a state of suicidal depression.