Thursday, 6 February 2014

Disturbing photos - prepare to be spooked

The above picture has been doing the rounds on the internet over the past few days. It's claimed to be of an image on a nurse's monitor screen showing some, well... thing! on the bed of a patient who died eight hours' later. Yes, of course it's a fake of some kind - but it nonetheless sent a shiver down my spine. I follow several photo feeds on Twitter which specialise in unsettling pictures. All of the following come from the Horror Pictures feed (some of them are retweets):

Spain, 1940 

Found in the basement of deceased old woman in Columbia
Church, Michigan
A 14-year old girl died when this warehouse was destroyed by fire in 1953. This picture was taken in 1974. 

The Hotel del Salto in the Tuquendama Falls area of Colombia

Halloween, 1908


  1. You caught me there. I was sure the final one was a shadow cabinet meeting last Wednesday. Millipede seated, front right.

    And I know which I find the scarier!

    Seriously disturbing, some of those images.

    1. He's the sad-looking one - probably because he's on the far right.

      It's the dolls in the basement that give me the willies. I imagine whoever was the first to open the door and switch on the lights needed a new set of Y-fronts and counselling.

      Are you the GCooper I think you are???

    2. Oh, I should think so, Been a long time... and all that.

    3. Well, how ball-bouncingly splendid to hear from you! I can find your "magazine" site online, but not an email address. Mine is

  2. it ain't nothing but a thang!