Sunday, 17 November 2013

Argy-bargy between Sheffield’s Roma and Muslim “communities”: the strange self-created race conundrum facing our left-liberal elite

Liberal-leftists don’t like us very much. The reason for this is that they believe human beings are perfectible: consequently, they find the current version of humanity – with what they see as all its racism, selfishness and greed - sorely disappointing. So, when electorates are stupid enough to present them with the opportunity, "progressives" set about changing human nature via policies, laws and educational programmes designed to outlaw the sort of unenlightened, prejudiced behaviour which so upsets urban politico-media types.

Partiality to one’s one kind is considered the very worst of humanity’s traits – the ultimate evil – so liberal-leftists set about flooding the country with foreigners, many of whom didn’t have a clue about Britain’s history, traditions, manners, language or religion. It then reinforced this mass immigration policy by imposing that key tenet of cultural Marxism known as multiculturalism - meaning that not only weren’t incomers expected to modify their behaviour to fit in with the indigenous population, but the indigenous population was encouraged (well, forced actually) to change its behaviour in order to accommodate alien customs.

The problem with this was that although the indigenous population was on the whole remarkably obedient to the dictates of the enlightened elite, it couldn’t quite bring itself to sign up to the erosion of its own culture – most white Britons stubbornly went on wanting to live next to, employ, deal with and have their children educated alongside and be taught by other white Britons (or Americans, Australians, Canadians and even the occasional English-speaking European, as long as they weren’t French). So the elite made it illegal for white Britons to act on any of these natural, innate desires: it even outlawed the use of language which might make incomers feel unwelcome, and which might have reinforced a sense of differentness in the minds of users and hearers.

Obviously, prejudice in favour of one's own country is almost as wicked as prejudice in favour of one's own kind,  so our liberal elite set about “curing” it by voluntarily surrendering this country’s hard-won right to set its own laws in key areas by handing much of that function over to a supra-national body, the European Union. This meant Britain no longer had effective control over its own borders, and therefore couldn't exclude anyone on the grounds that other members of their racial or national group had proved themselves statistically to be utterly useless wastes of oxygen who brought nothing of value to Britain or it people.

The results of this determination to rewire human nature is that many of Britain’s major cities and their suburbs have been ceded to immigrants, many indigenous, educated Britons have either fled to the countryside or (in ever-increasing numbers) abroad, and the education, healthcare, welfare and criminal justice systems are grinding to a catastrophic halt because they can’t cope with the number of immigrants and their offspring whom they’re now expected to handle.

Excellent! Job done!

Only, there’s a cloud on the liberal horizon. Asian residents of Sheffield – mainly Muslims – have started kicking up one hell of a fuss about the effects 4000 Roma immigrants are having on their way of life. As 34-year-old Kashmir Malik, a local restaurant owner told a public meeting about the issue last week: “We want to claim our streets back. Tensions are building here. We need to do something or it will be too late.”

Don’t worry, chum – we know just how you feel!

The former Labour Home Secretary, David Blunkett warned:
We have got to change the behaviour and the culture of the incoming community, the Roma community, because there's going to be an explosion otherwise. We all know that.
Well, there’s a turn-up for the books. This is the man who, as Home Secretary in 2003, blithely assured us that there was “no obvious limit” to the number of migrants who could settle in the UK, and that Britain had always been a “crowded, vigorous island”. Well, it’s certainly a lot more crowded now, thanks to you, and, given that you're predicting race riots, about to get decidedly more vigorous. (Of course, because Blunkett was a prominent member of the ruling left-lilberal elite which did so much to manufacture this horrible, stupid, perfectly avoidable mess, he can’t possibly be accused of harbouring racist sentiments.)

What’s more than slightly perplexing about Blunkett's response to the problem he did so much to create is that he evidently doesn’t expect the local Muslim population to change its attitudes to accommodate the somewhat freewheeling ways of Roma incomers. No, in this instance, it’s the newcomers who are expected to alter their behaviour to fit in with the existing population.

I wonder if senior Labour politicians said the same thing to white Britons who complained about the streets of Sheffield being swamped by Asian immigrants? Or to the residents of Boston, Lincolnshire who have seen their city turned into a sort of mini- Poland? Or to the original residents of Bradford, Leicester, Tower Hamlet, Birmingham etc when they kicked up a fuss about the radically altered racial make-up of their neighbourhoods? Of course not – they were told to shut their mouths and stop being so selfish.

When Enoch Powell predicted, in 1968, that mass immigration would lead to riots (which, of course, it did), he was demonised by just about everyone apart from the white working classes. There’s been a distinctly more muted response to Blunkett’s intervention. But I did enjoy this classic comment from Jake Bowers in (where else?) the Guardian:
When David Blunkett told BBC Radio Sheffield that the arrival of a large number of Slovak Roma migrants in his home city would lead to rioting, he wasn't so much predicting social conflict as adding to it.
You see? We mustn’t blame David Blunkett for his prominent role in the disaster unfolding in Sheffield (and many other places) as a Labour Home Secretary who promoted wholesale immigration. No, his unforgivable sin is to add to the “social conflict” by now pointing out the inevitable results of his own inconceivably stupid policies. If that makes sense to you, you’re a left-winger.

We on the right tend to be fonder of humanity, more accepting of people as they are. We know human beings are flawed, that selfishness and greed are inherent in us (as well as all the good things), and that introducing policies which completely fail to take account of human nature will inevitably end in disaster. It's just a shame that immigration policy has for so long been in the hands of idiots like David Blunkett.


  1. A skillfully argued post on a very difficult subject which is made even more sensitive because of the murderous treatment of the gypsies by the Nazis [ a sensitivity not necessarily extended to the Jewish community by the commentariat].

    The news footage of "Romas" [what a bloody stupid expression] wandering around Sheffield getting up everybody's noses was depressing, but they are merely the skirmishers. The heavy brigades will descend in January and then it will all boil over and the recreational looting will begin. And then... well, you know the rest. People who come from broken states where crime and murder is the norm cannot be acculterated. There is nothing to be acculterated from. The Home Office is completely useless and has been for years.

    Would it not be a good thing if our flaccid-faced Prime Minister stopped interfering in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka and various other countries [the days of Palmerstone have gone - he has effectivelly got rid of our military muscle] and concentrated on the unholy mess he has created in his own back-yard. I voted for Cameron and now hate the son-of-a-bitch and his whole sleazy crew.

    Sorry, I am feeling rather intemperate after recent events at Murrayfield. Forgive.

    1. Roald Dahl loved gypsies apparently. But then, he really was a nasty piece of work (despite being Norwegian).

      It'll be intereresting to see what effect next year's immigration wave has on our contents insurance premiums - I suspect they won't be dropping.