Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Diane Abbott sacked! Maybe Miliband isn't quite such an idiot after all.

The Chocolate Blancmange (as one unkind commentator keeps calling her) has lost her job as Shadow Health Minister. She commented: "I think Ed wanted more message discipline." Yes, I bet that was it, Diane, and nothing to do with the fact that you're an even bigger laighing-stock than he is.

The reason this has cheered me up so much is that there was talk just two months ago that this truly ghastly woman was flirting with the idea of making a bid to become Mayor of London. Worse, there was even speculation that Ed Miliband was actually thinking of lending her official Labour Party backing. I somehow managed to survive a double-dose of that poisonous little commie Ken Livingstone as Mayor, but the idea of my city - still the greatest city in the world, despite its myriad faults - having as its figurehead this stupid, woofly-voiced clown would have been the last straw.

Mind you, I feel a bit sorry for Michael Portillo, because there's always the possibility she'll now be asked back to share that tiny sofa with him on the late-night BBC politics programme, This Week. 


  1. Please see entomophobiac's previous comment. No reason now to publish any more pictures of "Queen Kong"? She is destined for "Big Brother" and/or "Celebrity Coach Tour". Or perhaps Frostrup's new C4 programme...no, I don't want to think about that.

  2. I was wondering if Ms Abbott has been a good advertisement for reverse racism,sorry,affirmative action,or not.Clearly she has done very well out of it,veritably rolling in the loot,but surely even the poisonous race industry must be left wondering.Indeed we're all wondering