Thursday, 12 September 2013

Stories that make you wonder whether holding left-liberal beliefs shouldn’t be an imprisonable offence

The following stories are all from this morning's newspaper:

130 education “experts” have written a letter calling for schooling to delayed until children are six or seven – because “untold damage” is being wrought by a “too much, too soon” culture. Inevitably, they want Britain to adopt the Swedish system. (Children have been let down by 50 years of left-wing child-centric education policies. So don’t let Michael Gove implement nasty right-wing education policies – let’s not teach the little beggars anything at all!)

The Heritage Lottery Fund has rejected a request for money to plant poppies across Britain to mark the centenary of the start of the First World War, but has approved a grant of almost £100,000 to some outfit called the Peace Pledge Union to raise awareness of the role of conscientious objectors during the last war - plus £60K for a project to research the impact of the war on perceptions of disability! Huh? (Don’t let’s waste money celebrating war-mongers who sacrificed their life for their country – let’s big up those who like to leave that to the other fellah!)

A study reveals that patients treated within our cuddly, socialist NHS are 45% more likely to die than those treated in America. (Yet the American system is always held up by leftists as a terrifying example of what would happen if we interfere with the NHS – and socialist Barack Obama is busy trying to impose an NHS-style system on the poor saps who elected him!)

A gang of five black men held a gun to a four-year old’s head while robbing a house in south-east London. (The key left-liberal belief that someone else’s barbaric behaviour is somehow the fault of the law-abiding has a lot to answer for.)

A review of a government policy to attract the “brightest and best” immigrants has revealed that successful applicants are being kept waiting for two months for an answer. (Yet any number of Albanian pimps, Romanian beggars and Somali gangsters appear to be able to waltz into the country with no difficulty at all.)

All brought to us courtesy of a toxic mixture of Progressivism, Liberalism, Socialism and Moral Relativism – the four horsemen of our impending social apocalypse.

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