Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Fulminators don baggies and Huarache sandals and get funking with "Funky Surfer"

I was going to write about the rush to war - this may be the first time I've found myself firmly in the anti-war camp -  but just couldn't face it today. So I decided to spend my time wisely by doing something I've been meaning to do for ages - take an old instrumental I recorded about seven years' ago (could have been eight) and see if I couldn't get closer to the sound I was looking for.

The problem was that I don't have the original recording files, so I had to upload the whole song from iTunes and see if I could beef it up by adding more instruments and paper over the cracks at the same time (I was still finding my feet when I first did "Funky Surfer", and I was somewhat cavalier about removing clunkers in those days).

Well, I ladled on lots of extra bass tracks, some more drums, a horn section and a "punchy" grand piano right at the end. The only pity is that the tinkly rhythm guitar part that makes its first appearance about a minute in gets a trifle swamped - and that was the think I liked most about the original. Still, needs must.

It's not particularly surfy - but the drums and guitars reminded me of surf music. And I'm far too white to do convincing funk. So I'm not quite sure what it is, really (save the snarky comments, please).

Anyway, I'm quite pleased with the result. And at least it means that war has been delayed for at least 24 hours.

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