Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The BBC has advertised for a Diversity Advisor – only liberal fascist social engineers need apply

“Diversity” is, of course, a classic liberal wank-word, just as the role of “diversity advisor” is a classic liberal wank-job. The aim of the role, one presumes, will be to fill various quotas – mainly racial - in the time-honoured fashion: hiring a few more Asian accountants, Muslim security guards, black cleaners and people in wheel-chairs. When it comes to editorial jobs, appointments are probably still vaguely merit-based (after anyone who might turn out to be to the right of Ed Miliband has been weeded out, of course), which means that blacks, Asians and disabled people involved in programme-making are actually good at what they do. As for managers, it’s often impossible to tell how these overwhelmingly white, Oxbridge-educated types landed their jobs (it’s often even more difficult to tell why their jobs exist at all).

I have no idea where the BBC is on LGBT quotas, but my impression when I worked there was that all of these groups are vastly over-represented. Perhaps the new advisor could advise sacking a few to level the playing field. (Don’t hold your breath.)

Of course, the only sections of the license fee-paying community which are chronically, grotesquely, ridiculously and scandalously under-represented at the BBC are conservatives and right-wingers. While we make up at least 40% of those who finance the BBC, we probably only represent 20% of the non-editorial work-force. When it comes to general programme-making, I’d guess it was well below 20%. As for News, we’re probably below 10%, and politics would be 5% at best.

The BBC pumps out Soviet-era style quantities of left-wing propaganda for the simple reason that its programme-making staff and editorial management are overwhelmingly left-wing. Four things would have to happen for this depressing state of affairs to change: (1) The Tory party turned into a proper right-wing party (2) The electorate voted it into power (3) The resulting Tory government went medieval on the BBC’s biased backside, starting with its disgustingly slanted reporting of the Economy, Welfare, the EU, Climate Change, Education, Christianity, the Middle East, the Obamessiah, Business and the NHS, and at the same time demanded the sacking of every ranting communist agitator masquerading as a professional comedian (4) the BBC appointed a group of right-wing diversity advisors (if there is such a creature) to sort out the whole sordid, unfair, maddening mess.

Of course, none of these things is going to happen, so people like me are going to have to go on forking out an annual license fee in order to have an army of smug, overpaid lefties tell us that our economic, social and religious views are wrong and evil.

The Corporation could have saved a lot of space by replacing the term “Diversity Advisor” in its adverts with the more accurate “Left-Wing Social Engineer”. Everyone would have known exactly what sort of twit they were looking for and they could have jettisoned all this nauseating tosh:

Diversity Advisor

Job Introduction
Working in Diversity, within a BBC People Centre of Expertise, is challenging, demanding and highly rewarding. In such a dynamic environment we pride ourselves on being central to the success of the BBC’s mission to be the most creative organisation in the world and one that reflect the diversity of the audiences we serve.

Role Responsibility
The Diversity Advisor supports the work of the corporate Diversity Centre and the Head of Diversity.  You will advise individuals or teams - both centrally and in the business - on equality and diversity compliance and best practice. You  will articulate the business and creative benefits of diversity, supporting action planning and helping to ensure issues are resolved by outlining options and making recommendations.  The solutions will be fit for the business showing a true understanding of the challenges and encouraging an on-going partnership.

The Ideal Candidate
With demonstrable experience of designing, implementing and evaluating equality and diversity policies, strategies and interventions, you will have proven experience of providing practical advice / consultancy on equality and diversity to influence and support departmental and corporate decision-making. You will be involved in supporting and advising on the alignment of equality and diversity compliance/ regulatory requirements to business imperatives and have strong interpersonal, management and communication skills. With the ability to proactively identify the equality and diversity dimensions and opportunities in  business planning including within strategies; projects; proposals and plans;  to identify creative opportunities for collaborative working and to achieve focused outcomes you will have the confidence and the ability to engage managers constructively, and raise awareness of the breadth and strategic importance of the equality and diversity agenda.

One's heart sinks - it really does.


  1. Can you just clear up a mystery for me, the text of the job advertisement – did you make it up or is that what it said?

  2. I know it reads like an OTT parody - but it's the actual text that appears on the BBC website (and, one presumes, in the Guardian). I'm pretty sure there's a software programme that spews out this sort of nonsense - you probably just have to enter the terms "Diversity Advisor, Public Sector, UK" and Robert is your father's brother.

  3. I'm in the car, the radio's on, it's the World At One, and for seven minutes between 22'40" and 29'29" Martha Kearney's chairing a debate on whether there should be more women on the MPC, the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England.

    One Michelle Ryan, Professor of Social and Organisational Psychology at the University of Exeter says (25'36" to 25'45") that organisations need the best people in the job, they should be chosen on merit.

    That seems like a simple point.

    But everyone in the debate then assumes that if there's a lack of diversity on the board, then good people are being excluded. But the test was merit. Not diversity. Two different things.

    But the participants just can't hack that. We get onto equality. And under-representation. And "accelerator courses" (nothing to do with driving, something to do with getting recent mothers back to work quickly). Anything, really, except merit.

    Butchers' thumbs all over the scales which are meant to be weighing nothing but merit.

    Worth listening to all seven minutes to note how these different concepts are hopelessly (con)fused in argument.

    And there's a special treat between 26'34" and 26'39" when a lady investment banker says she doesn't believe there's all that much biological difference between men and women (really?) and that "therefore" (good bloody grief) there should be more diversity in the higher reaches of the workplace.

    1. Excellent comment! The very last thing the Left wants is appointments based on merit. After all, the Labour leader was appointed against his party's wishes by the Unions when he was screamingly obviously not the best candidate.

      As a Philosophy graduate, do you find yourself constantly maddened by the sheer illogicality of almost all political discourse in the Commons and the media? Listening to all but a tiny handful of politicians argue, it feels as if they're trying to commit as many logical howlers as possible within the shortest possible time, and that whoever manages the highest score will be promoted. As for defining key terms - what is the point of whanging on about equality and fairness and justice and merit etc. if you never define what you mean by those terms? I know most people's hearts sink on hearing the phrase, 'It all depends what you mean by..." - but one suspects that the most powerful equalitarians in the land haven't a clue what they actually mean by "equality". It's a bit like having military commanders who don't really know what they mean by the words "attack", "defence" or "war"!

      The day they start appointing surgeons on the basis of their gender or skin colour or an underprivileged background will be the time to start thinking about joining the mass white middle-class exodus from Blighty.