Monday, 12 August 2013

That went well! Labour immigration spokesman Chris Bryant bids farewell to his career on Today

A few days ago, on this very blog (here), I eviscerated a ridiculous Telegraph article by Chris Bryant. As I did so, I was rather wishing I could put my points to the silly sausage in person. Having heard his bizarrely inept performance on the Today Programme this morning, I’m relieved I didn’t have the opportunity – it would have been the equivalent of kicking a hysterical puppy, and I am not a cruel man. Take a listen:

The scary thing about this career-destroying interview is that interviewer Evan Davies could hardly have been more emollient - he basically says “Hello, Chris” and Bryant immediately starts gibbering.

I can understand why someone like Bryant might want to be an MP – he’s no doubt an achingly compassionate chap who simply loves helping poor people and fighting for justice on behalf of the Left's myriad pet victim groups. But why would someone this confused imagine they’d be any good at actually running anything – especially a government department? Mind you, when your leader is Ed Miliband, I suppose anything seems possible.


  1. First, thank you (and I am sure all your followers will agree) for not illustrating your two posts with the photo of Bryant in his Y fronts which he posted on a gay dating website a year or so ago. I am glad that politicians of the calibre of Quintin Hogg, Bessie Braddock and Reginald Maudling resisted whatever temptations there might or might not have been to do something similar back in the 60s.

    Bryant brought exactly the same clarity of thought and expression to his job as Europe Minister in the top talent team of the Gordon Brown Labour Government. Whether this car crash of a policy initiative will have any effect on his future advancement is debatable. Probably not. There's a quota to be filled. What is more likely is that there is a recent graduate on an unpaid internship at Labour HQ now thinking about an alternative career.

  2. Thank you, ex-KCS, for reminding us that this was the blister who disported himself semi-naked online in order, one assumes, to attract sexual partners on a homosexual website set up for this purpose (I immediately followed suit, of course, but, sadly, found no takers). I imagine this sordid escapade guaranteed him a permanent place at Labour's top table - that and his utter unsuitability for office. A sad loss for his former employers, the Anglican Church and the BBC.