Wednesday, 5 June 2013

If you can watch this Eddie Izzard video without laughing, there's something seriously wrong with you

Wow! Ending hunger would be, like, really easy, because, you know, there's enough, like, food to feed everyone. (Yeah, man, it's true! Right-wingers have been covering this up for years!) It's just that politicians in rich countries don't, like, care enough, yeah, and they're all in the pay of like arms manufacturers and bankers.) I mean, we don't vote for them to, like, build bombs and do war and bad stuff - we vote for them so they'll do, like, cool things, y'know, ending poverty and feeding everyone and abolishing war and nuclear weapons and building community centres and like making sure there aren't any rich people and that everyone just kinda looks out for everyone else, yeah? Like the world now is so a global village, and, like, if you live in a village don't you like help everyone else in the village? (I dunno, I live in a squat in Belgravia, but I'm kinda guessing that's the deal with like villages and places where like travellers and gypsies live, yeah?)

Slavery, apartheid, votes for women... what about gay marriage and the winter heating allowance and grants for street theatre and lesbian co-operatives, Eddie? They don't matter to you? You some kind of fascist or what? 

Just make enough noise and help Eddie end "the scandal of hunger". Won't make a blind bit of difference, but it'll allow you to prance about in public yelling cool slogans and blaming all the ills of the world on people who believe in sensible political and economic systems that actually do eradicate hunger, and that'll allow you to pretend you're really making a difference even though you're just having a nice day out with a hefty dollop of smugness thrown in, and it'll make you feel really good about yourself. And - hey! - that's what like really matters, right? Right? 

Anyway, congratulations to Mr. Izzard for producing such a brilliant parody of nauseating, mindless, childish, bleeding-heart liberal nonsense.  

Don't know about you, but I'm feeling quite peckish.

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