Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Euro MPs = Blood-Sucking Entitlement-Junkie Vermin

The original video I posted here, showing Tom Staal of Greenstijl confronting MEPs turning up to sign on at 6pm just so they can claim a 300 euro attendance allowance - and then immediately sodding off again, having done not a stroke of work - was swiftly blocked on YouTube, so I've found a report from 2010 showing exactly the same phenomenon.

If we ever get a vote on whether to leave the EU (I severely doubt it), this report and the one by Tom Staal should be the official "No" campaign videos.

By God, these sleaze-balls really don't like it up 'em!


  1. An excellent report. Dear Norway, please try and stay away from this scum-sucking set of pigs for as long as you are able.

    1. I love it when pro-Europeans warn that pulling out of the EU would reduce Britain to the status of Norway and Switzerland - the two richest per capita countries in Europe!