Monday, 20 May 2013

The Fulminators are on a roll - here they pay homage to Danny Gatton on "Rockabilly Rapscallion"

This started off as an experiment with a guitar "delay" setting used by the English session guitar hero, Albert Lee. If you get the timing right (186 bmp here) and play all the notes strictly on each beat in the bar, the first note you play is repeated between the second and third notes and the second note is repeated between the third and fourth notes etc. This works perfectly with a standard rockabilly/rock and roll backing pattern (I must learn the correct terms for these things) - makes it sound very full and jolly and bouncy, as I discovered today.

"Rockabilly Rapscallion" ended up sounding quite like the great Telemaster Danny Gatton's "Elmira Street Boogie" - unsurprising, as I must have heard that track many hundreds of times over the years. Obviously I'm not quite up to the Great Man's standard - and I definitely need to master some new licks, because I've used all of these elsewhere.

Anyway, that was fun!

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