Saturday, 4 May 2013

Listen to these bits of classical music - and figure out which famous pop songs were based on them

Okay - a peasy one to start with - Friedrich Silcher's "Muss i denn zum Städle hinaus":

The answer's obvious, right? (For confirmation, click here.)

What about this one?

Again, not that tricky - the answer is here.

Next one's a bit harder (clue: a 1960s British band slowed it down considerably):

Answer: here. What about this Russian folk song?:

Simples! Click here.

If you're not a pop fan of a certain age (i.e. 60 or over), the next one might prove tricky - the pop song based on this piece by Bach was a huge girl group hit on both sides of the Atlantic in 1965:

The answer can be found here.

Sections of this splendid work by Prokofiev were inserted into a  hit by an eminent English prog-rocker in 1977:

Answer: here.

If you go to 4'30" of the following work by Brahms, you'll hear the melody from a 1957 easy-listening favourite:

Find the answer here.

Finally - and you'll know this one if you read this post from last year - the most beautiful chorus from the greatest work of Christian music ever composed:

The answer - for the handful of eccentrics out there who don't slavishly read, learn and inwardly digest every word I write - is here.

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