Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I wish Helen Mirren would stop sucking up to noisy, narcissistic, anti-social LGBT idiots

So Helen Mirren marched out of the Gielgud Theatre and shouted at a bunch of drummers promoting a gay and transgender event, because they were disrupting the play she in. Ever since her perfectly justifiable, albeit obscene tirade, her Dameship has been busy back-pedalling and sucking up to these berks – no doubt fearing the wrath of the LGBT lobby.

Her attempts to brown-nose this bunch culminated in her being photographed wearing a T-shirt bearing the slogan Yes please! Just not outside a theatre! below a drawing of a drum, and saying: “"The irony is, I love drumming and I love drummers. In another situation I would have been out here enjoying it with all the punters. Unfortunately I was having to do a play at the same time."

Oh puh-lease!

I wonder if she’d have been so quick to apologise if the drummers had been advertising a UKIP or a Pro-Life rally. Well, of course not. No doubt her heart sank when she realised that the objects of her wrath represented one of the Left’s main mascot victim groups – worse, one that is (to put it mildly) over-represented in her chosen profession. Mind you, it would have been even worse if the drummers had been making everyone’s life a misery promoting some Black, Muslim or Wimmin’s event or protesting the “Cuts” or animal experiments – Dame Helen would probably have had to flee the country in disgrace.

And what makes theatres so special? Is it okay to make a hideous racket outside people homes? Or pubs where they're enjoying a quiet drink? Or restaurants where they're having a pleasant meal? Or cinemas? Or churches? Or libraries? What makes people who appear on the stage and those who pay through the nose to see them so special?  

But the thing that really puzzles me is why people of the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender persuasion feel the need to celebrate their sexuality by staging public events. It’s not as if they don’t have plenty of clubs and bars in which to meet others who share their enthusiasms. And they can’t seriously imagine – especially here in London – that they face genuine discrimination these days. So why do they feel the need to continue making such a fuss about their sexual preferences?

Next time you justifiably lose your rag, old girl, do us all a favour and stick by your guns! 


  1. I have never actually "got" Helen Mirren. Her career seems to consist of flashing her assets [and claiming to be a feminist] and portraying HRH and appearing in a series of dismal spy/action movies. She also claims to be a Polish Countess. Well, you know, even I can tell a a right Countess. Wish she would go back to Bessarabia and give us all a break. Bloody foreigners!

    1. Not a bad actress. And she has excellent assets, let's face it. But like a lot of thespians, she's oddly gauche - many of her public utterances are toe-curling, and, in this instance, she didn't seem to have a clue as to when enough was enough.

      As for bloody foreigners - let's meet up in Oslo!

  2. Rod Liddle in this weeks Spectator is amusing on the above subject: "Bad enought to be a street drummer denier, worse still to be a street drummer denying homophobe. It's almost a perfect storm of hate crime. My only worry is that if this day really were my last, I wouldn't have enough time to get round to the street drummers with my hastily acquired biological weapons."