Saturday, 20 April 2013

Michael Moore's tweet on the Boston Bombings shows what a nasty, twisted swine he truly is

Michael Moore
Here's a recent tweet from the Left's very own Fat Bastard:

"A major American city is on "lockdown", an entire population "in fear". Of one teenager"

A teenager? A teenager? Really? I suppose Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is some of kind of misunderstood, mixed-up kid in need of a hug and some fatherly advice?

What about "a psychopathic mass-murdering teenmager"? Or "Islamofascist teenage bomber"?

What in the name of God did his age have to do with the threat he posed?

And why is the phrase "in fear" in quotation marks? Or "lockdown"? Was this a suitable occasion for irony, sarcasm or snarkiness? Is this revolting tub of guts really accusing the Boston police of hysteria or its citizens of cowardice?

What kind of warped, hate-filled, anti-social wretch would feel that such a comment was appropriate at such a time?

Michael Moore, that's who.

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