Sunday, 7 April 2013

Awkward Family Photos is the most thought-provoking site on the web

The main thoughts it provokes being "Why?", "How?", "You're kidding, right?" and "Is this actually legal?"

There are hundreds of equally bizarre, inexplicable photographs to be found in the Awkward Family Photos Hall of Fame, here - some are funny, some are sad and some are just extremely creepy. Here's a selection to be getting on with:


Would you really ask this man the time?

I think I saw this movie - it was scary!
Wrong on oh so many levels

"Hello, is that the RSPCA?" 
Santa must have said yes!
Where are social services when you need them?


  1. Where are social services indeed.

    We laughed so hard over these last night. Damn.

    1. It was the first photo, the one with the ventriloquist's dummy in the centre, that set me off. Then I saw the guy with the watch in the prototype mankini, and I was gone. The recent past isn't so much a foreign country as another planet. Just look at the hair-dos!!!

    2. I think the wedding rape tops the list for me.