Sunday, 17 February 2013

Definitive proof that the British public genuinely hates Mrs. Thatcher – oh, hang on a minute…

Two left-wing newspapers – the Sunday Mirror and the Independent on Sunday – jointly commissioned a poll from ComRes to find out how we rate David Cameron against other Prime Ministers since 1964. Now, unless I’m guilty of the same sort of statistical howlers as the equality-mongers hauled over the coals in my most recent post (here), I’m not sure the results quite bear out the message the left-liberal commentariat has been relentlessly stuffing down our throats for the last four decades.

The question was: “In your opinion, is David Cameron a better or worse Prime Minister than x”. Here (courtesy of The Commentator) are the results:

1 Margaret Thatcher +23 
2 Harold Wilson +10
3 Tony Blair +4
4 Edward Heath +1
=5 David Cameron 0 
=5 James Callaghan 0 
7 John Major -4 
8 Gordon Brown -17

This would seem to suggest that Mrs. Thatcher scores 23% more than Cameron, 13% more than her closest rival, Harold Wilson  – and no less than 40% more than the last Labour prime minister, Gordon “Bugsy” Brown.

Strange, that. 

Thanks goodness Cameron and his merry band of modernisers have spent the last seven years frantically distancing themselves from a politician who is so universally loathed – after all, they wouldn’t want to do anything so vulgar as to actually win an election. Dear me, no. How frightfully common!

I could, of course, be misreading the import of this result – and I’m sure by the time the poll has been thoroughly pilgered and toynbeed it will be adduced as proof that British voters live in constant fear of a return to the sort of policies this cruel, strident, compassionless tyrant once foisted upon us.

No, Dave – you stick with policies like gay marriage and a massive foreign aid budget and an ever-increasing national debt: after all, detoxifying the Tory brand will make you feel better, and that’s far more important than convincing people to vote for you.

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