Sunday, 23 December 2012

Piers Morgan is a nasty, insensitive fool - no wonder so many Americans want him deported

As a result of Piers Morgan's disgustingly hysterical and ill-mannered performances on his crappy CNN talk show following the awful gun massacre  in Connecticut, a petition has been posted on the White House website calling for him to be deported for attacking the 2nd Amendment. The petition (see it here), which was posted by - has so far received 18,354 signatures, and needs just another 6,646 before White House staff have to respond to it. (Obviously they won't - Morgan's this administration's kind of guy.)

In case you're wondering why so many Americans want to get rid of the smug, pompous, poisonous toad, just take a look at this clip (if you can stomach it). What a rebarbative, petty, silly, immature, ignorant, petulant apology for a human being this man is - and how awful to think that many Americans will imagine that this is how English people think and behave. What a disastrous export! 

In another segment (here) he pulls the same "Why are you laughing" schtick, saying it make his guest look "creepy". Piers Morgan calling someone else "creepy"? Seriously?

Of course, the problem is that his playground debating style, his unwillingness to listen to opposing views and his cavalier attitude towards facts pretty much defines the way modern liberals characteristically behave - everything, ultimately, is about their own (utterly unjustified) feelings of moral superiority: you see, they're on the right (i.e. the easy, simple, emotionally satisfying) side of the argument, so, as they masturbate themselves into a self-righteous frenzy, they give themselves licence to rant and lie and insult anyone who disagrees with them. Hey, as long it makes them feel good, where's the harm? 

Given Morgan's dire CNN viewing figures (earlier this year, he managed to deliver the channel's worst prime-time numbers for 21 years) I suspect his current barrel-scraping antics aren't merely about convincing himself that he's some sort of moral crusader - he's probably hoping to get his failing show "talked about". The way he's chosen to do it is, of course, unforgivable: mind you, we shouldn't be too suprised - this is the "journalist" who was fired by the Daily Mirror for printing fake photographs which sullied the reputation of British soldiers in Iraq, no doubt putting them even more firmly in harm's way than they already were.

It's not really that hard to empathise with the terrible, self-searching distress Americans must be experiencing right now (despite it's lack of guns, strict gun-control regime and low homicide rate, Britain hasn't proved immune to similarly horrifying eruptions of evil). Given what what America must be going through, one imagines the last thing that country needs right now is a foreigner - and a very, very unpleasant one at that - publicly hectoring and insulting those who disagree with him. Imagine how we'd have felt if some loud-mouthed, boorish, insensitive American had behaved like that on British TV after Dunblane? 

When I attack public figures I don't admire on this blog, I usually stick them in my "Blisters" section. But that very Wodehousean term suggests there's something innately funny about these people. When someone really gets up my nose, I use the term CAUC - but even that implies some amusement at their awfulness. But I can assure you, there's nothing remotely amusing about Piers Morgan - he is truly despicable.

Even though it would inevitably mean us suffering even more of him on our screens over here than we already do, please, America, do feel free to kick him out - he really, genuinely deserves it.


  1. Over 36,000 Americans haqve now signed the petition - 11,000 more than they needed to make the White House consider it.

  2. There is a strong rumour abroad that if Morgan gets his marching orders Channel 4 are going to offer him a berth on "Celebrity Bus Trip" to accompany the glistening blancmange pudding and that this crazed self-publicist will not be able to resist because ITV are no longer prepared to extend his chat-show contract [after all, how many times can you interview Susan Boyle and Katie Price?]. CBT is a well-known "Bacio della Morte" to any media career - it certainly seems to have done for Lembit Opek and swimming-pool enthusiast Michael Barrymore - so there is hope. Do your duty, America!

    Another excellent post, by the way.

  3. Perhaps we should start a campaign to get John Prescott and Diane Abbott invited onto the next series of CBT and then keep our fingers crossed that the brakes fail while they're coming down a very steep and very narrow mountain road.

  4. Apart from anything, I thought it was simply plain unprofessional to handle a debate like that, calling the other guy "stupid" and "an idiot". Larry Pratt's sarcastic closing remark about "the high level argument" summed it up perfectly. Morgan Piers would have been kicked out of the Oxford Debating Society without a doubt. But at least he didn't sink to the level of calling him a "prat", which I was fully expecting at one point.