Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Obama's triumph - the people I feel truly sorry for

I switched off the TV as soon as Fox announced that the Ohio exit poll showed Obama leading by 3%. The feeble flame of hope that had sputtered into life following the first presidential debate finally dimmed and died, and I went to bed. I woke up in a depressed funk – but then started thinking about all those with infinitely greater cause to feel distraught, either immediately or over the next four years. I decided to compile a list:

Those blacks – Republicans and Democrats – brave enough to risk opprobrium from liberals and other African-Americans by refusing to support a politician simply on the grounds of the colour of his skin. Heroes, I reckon.

The Christian Right, who are going to take a lot of heat for this defeat – simply because they believe stuff most Americans don’t.

The massed ranks of mainstream TV and newspaper journalists who betrayed their professional principles and turned themselves into PR goons by deliberately covering up stories “unhelpful” to Obama in the weeks leading up to the election, in particular his role in the deaths in Benghazi. A feeling of shame will eventually engulf them.

The New Jersey governor, Chris Christie – the Republicans’ best hope for 2016 -  who stabbed his party’s presidential candidate in the back by sucking up to Obama just days before the election, presumably because a Romney victory would have meant he’d have to wait eight years for a run at the top job. If Christie did it deliberately, he’s a shit. If he did it in the heat of the moment, he’s an idiot. Either way, fatso's electoral toast, in a Michael Heseltiney sort of way.

The Republican Party, who’ll now assume – quite mistakenly – that they have to field an even more centrist candidate next time, and will, as a consequence,  suffer another sickening defeat. (The Tories reached the same mistaken conclusion, and couldn’t even manage an outright victory over a national leader with a record even more disastrous than Obama’s.)

The children of working Americans – Romney might actually have started paying back the $20 trillion debt their parents ran up, but now they’ll be saddled with it forever.

The children of non-working Americans - their victimhood status will now become so entrenched that most of them will never escape the enervating welfare trap created by generations of liberal politicians.

America’s military: their Commander-in-Chief doesn’t have their backs, and when it comes to a choice between appeasing his country’s enemies and keeping them safe – they know which option Obama will go for: that must be sickening.

Anyone, anywhere who believes in small government, personal freedom and
people taking responsibility for their own lives.

Israelis – now utterly on their own against their fascist enemies.

Barack Obama – he managed to keep his enormous “hope and change” Ponzi scheme going for four awful, painful years, and then asked Americans to give him another four to “complete the job”! Well, his wish has been granted – and, Lordy, an awful lot of the politicially uncommitted goofballs who voted for him are going to be ever so severely pissed off that they fell for it again. While the rest of the free world’s media will continue to treat him as a sort of all-purpose, feel-good replacement for Nelson Mandela, there’s a chance his own lot might actually rediscover their critical faculties – and their testicles.

Legal immigrants who went through the tortuous process of becoming official Americans – and will now see illegals handed the same rights as a reward for breaking the law.

One person I really don't feel sorry for is Mitt Romney. Some of the right views - but a personality totally unsuited to winning over uncommitted voters. One good debate performance doesn't make up for a dreadful, lacklustre campaign. And his decision to go back into his preppy, anal shell after the first debate, rather than going for the political jugular when his opponent was wounded was disastrous.

One final thought. I was just reflecting on the genius of the Founding Fathers who devised the principle of a separation of powers to prevent the threat of virtual dictatorship. With any luck, Obama’s dream of imposing European socialism on the country whose founding principles he gives every appearance of despising will once more be stymied by the Republicans’ control of Congress. I just caught BBC North America Editor Mark Mardell’s vast, florid face on the news complaining that the separation of powers will continue to make it difficult for Obama to “get things done”. That’s just the way the American government works, he explained. “That’s why many people feel American politics is broken.”

That’s right – the system designed to protect ordinary people from the arrogance of power is a VERY BAD THING. European socialists – don’t you just love 'em? 

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