Wednesday, 31 October 2012

For liberals, Obama is a mixture of the Queen, Moses, and God - a BBC programme proves it

An English “artist” (if you’re wondering about the quotation marks, just look at Nicola Green’s “art” here) accompanied Barack Obama on the campaign trail back in 2008, from his nomination speech to his inauguration. According to her website:
Using the wealth of source material she gathered and inspired by what Obama's achievement would mean for her own mixed race children, Nicola produced seven iconic silkscreen images, entitled ‘In Seven Days…’.

These images are a distillation of her personal experiences on the campaign trail, which in turn express the broader narrative of this extraordinary journey - our story as well as Obama's.
Sorry – whose story, exactly? Not mine, lady - that’s for sure.

The seven silkscreen images are entitled: Light, Struggle, Hope, Change, Fear, Sacrifice/Embrace and Peace. Unfortunately, there aren’t any entitled: Debt, Incompetence, Unemployment, Weakness, Cronyism, Waste or Disappointment.  I’m guessing that’s because liberals don‘t actually see on Barry as a politician spectacularly failing to run his country.

The radio programme consists of contributions from an assortment of Obamamaniacs, including the former BBC Washington Correspondent, Matt Frei, who is trumpeting his hero’s supernatural perfection on Channel 4 these days, having left Mark Mardell as the  High Priest of Obamaism back at the BBC. There isn’t a hint of criticism of the Obamessiah, nor any suggestion that what followed his “historic” election has been a catastrophe for America and many of its allies. There isn’t the vaguest suggestion that the one thing Obama’s presidency proves is that electing someone just because they’re black is an astonishingly bad idea.

Nicola Green, who is white, and is the wife of the former Culture Secretary, Labour MP David Lammy, who is black, has evidently opted to switch off her brain (if she has one) for the duration of the exercise. Let me give you a flavour:

“In fact, Obama uses his hands in an extraordinary way – but we all do.”

Well, if we all do, dear, it isn’t extraordinary, is it.

Apparently, the director of the National Portrait Gallery was on hand to advise her about the hand thing during the “creative process”, so she’s obviously going to have a hell of a job finding a permanent home for the paintings after they’ve been exhibited at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool this January. Must be nice being a member of the liberal establishment.

The sentimentality of the programme's contributors is positively heroic: if you listen to it, you will need a shot of insulin afterwards. Here’s a key member of the Obama's 2008 campaign team:
When I did a trip with the First Lady just recently to Birmingham, Alabama, this little black boy, who, you know, he must have been about seven years old and he’s all of about three foot tall, comes up to me and he’s in his Sunday best and he looks at me with these big eyes and says “Are you the Mayor?”. And I shook my head and I said, “No, I’m not the mayor”. And he took a step back and says “Are you the President?” And I started laughing and I got down low so I was looking at him eyeball to eyeball, and I said “No, and let me tell you how you know that. The mayor is a black man, just like you. The president is a black man just like you… and I literally had chills going down my back, as I was talking to him because it literally hit me in the face… 
After listening to that, I’d be quite tempted to hit him in the face myself.

Here’s some ditzy lefty woman from the Library of Congress:
It’s important that the artist included a clear, recognisable portrait as a kind of anchor and a central image, just as every American holds in their mind’s eye an image of what George Washington looked like, of what Lincoln looked like… Barack Obama will always be recognisable.
There you have it: he’s already up there with Washington and Lincoln (FK,RFK and Martin Luther King get a namecheck as well) – and all he had to do was be elected!

As most liberals are republicans, and most of them are Godless (even religious liberals don’t actually believe in the religion they practice – their true religion is Equality), they tend to miss out on certain things. First, they don’t have a monarch whose essential role is to reflect the character of a nation by remaining sufficiently bland and aloof to allow their subjects to read into them qualities they may or may not actually possess (for liberals, these include compassion, fairness and rationality – I, for one, have no idea whether Obama possesses any of these, but liberals are convinced he does). Second, liberals are constantly on the look-out for a Moses figure to lead them to the Promised Land, where nobody has  more than anybody else – indeed, an inhuman nirvana where everybody is the same as everyone else. Finally liberals need a god to symbolise the perfect state of compassion and benevolence to which they all aspire.

In Seven Days: Inside a Historic Campaign - which is the nearest thing to liberal pornography I've ever come across - is available for five days here. It's outrageous.


  1. Managed seven minutes. Couldn't take any more. Wake me up next Wednesday. Or not.

    1. You missed Nicola Green's poetic interlude - which I've bookmarked in case I ever need an effective emetic.

  2. A left wing friend of mine,another adoring female, who has always called Obama black,has just recently referred to him as mixed race.Was this intuition that he may only be a one term president;mind you this was before Sandy which might possibly save his bacon?

    1. Interesting about the sudden switch to "mixed race" - given blacks are in the bag, I guess that might appeal to floating voters.

      Yes, the sight of Obama comforting those affected by the storm will no doubt be worth a few percentage points. Let's hope if he does get back in that the world will start viewing him as a president (and a rotten one at that) rather than as a black president. Let's face it, when it comes to running a country, the colour of his skin is about as relevant as his shoe size.

  3. My take on this woman's "mixed race" comment was that if he lost,the black side would still be pure and inviolate,and the white side..well we all know that means- greed,bigotry,racism etc.