Monday, 16 April 2012

Evan Sayet’s brilliant analysis of why liberals promote evil, stupidity and failure

I hadn’t heard of reformed liberal Hollywood entertainer Evan Sayet until yesterday, when a contributor to the excellent Biased BBC website posted this video of an address Sayet made to America’s right-wing Heritage Foundation (itself a powerhouse of rational thinking in an era when it’s in short supply). It provides some valuable insights into one of the great mysteries of our time, namely why people who feel themselves to be morally vastly superior to those of us who don’t agree with them almost invariably end up as cheerleaders for evil.

Why, for instance, do liberals who profess to adore black Africans to smithereens swallow the rantings of eco-loons determined to prevent poor Third Worlders gaining access to technology which would prevent disease, make them more productive, and lift them out of poverty? Why are liberals who get all teary at the idea of education hell-bent on destroying all forms of educational excellence?

Why do liberals – for whom the NHS is the closest thing to a religion they can actually believe in – fight every reform that might  benefit patients?  Why do liberals – who have a fit of the vapours whenever the police fail to treat criminals with the utmost deference – keenly support mass-murdering terrorist psychopaths determined to turn the world into one vast, mad, fascist theocracy? Why do liberals – who never stop banging on about "The Arts" – only support work which is ugly, sordid, trivial, hateful and nihilistic? Whenever a democratic country is in dispute with a tyranny, why do liberals so often take the side of those who torture and kill their own citizens?

Actually, this isn’t one of the great mysteries of our time – it is undoubtedly the greatest mystery of our time.

Evan Sayet comes up with some interesting answers - thereby instantly achieving Grønmark Blog hero status.

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  1. I very much enjoyed the Evan Sayet video. Thank you.

    I am reading a book by Andrew Alexander entitled "America and the Imperialism of Ignorance". If you ever read it I strongly advise you to skip Chapter 25 ["The Reagan Era"]as it might induce a fit of apoplexy or a reaction like that of the N.Koreans when they heard of the death of Kim Jong-il.