Friday, 30 March 2012

Stand by to be utterly amazed by the astonishing Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

In case you imagine for one second that there were three adult musicians hiding behind the curtains playing "Clinch Mountain Backstep" while the Mizzone brothers (aged 9, 12 and 14) were miming, here they are practicing "Pretty Polly" at home. Okay, the munchkin banjo player is ridiculously good, but the flatpicking guitarist and the fiddle player are also amazingly accomplished:

In case you wondered whether, being kids and all, they'd go to pieces if asked to appear on national television, here they are on Letterman:

The Mizzone Brothers - youngest to oldest, that's Jonny, Robbie and Tommy - come from Lebanon (New Jersey, that is). Mizzone? New Jersey? I wonder if their old man's big in waste management. Anyway, they're definitely not inbred hillbillies who grew up   listening to lost tourists tourists being made to squeal like pigs. You can find tons more videos of the amazing trio on their website, here.

(And there I was feeling pleased with myself because I'd just about mastered a simplified version of Chet Atkins's "One Mint Julep" on the acoustic guitar!)

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