Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Bill Maher - one of the rabid swine befouling America’s liberal media

Bill Maher
You know all about political bias on American TV, I’m sure. Fox News, right? Racist Republican Nazi attack dogs savaging President Obama 24/7 simply because he’s black? And yes – Fox is unashamedly conservative: Barack Obama is not their poster boy. But I’ve watched Fox regularly for the past three years (whenever I tire of the hard-left slant of the BBC News Channel or the soft-left slant of Sky News – so I’m a very regular Fox viewer!), and the tone is generally respectful.

While I’ve heard lots of the sort of red-meat right-wing opinion that isn’t allowed on British TV, including many attacks on the current administration and left-wing politicians  based on facts and rational conservative analysis, I’ve heard very little ad hominem ranting against liberals – rank hypocrisy is gleefully highlighted, but I haven't heard any gratuitous attacks on politicians’ religious beliefs or their families or their physical shortcomings. But the same apparently can’t be said of of all American news and current affairs channels - especially left-wing ones.

Four slots back up the Sky EPG from Fox, there’s CNBC Europe, which has definite left-wing slant. I’ve dropped in a few times for a look, but – as with dozy old CNN – I usually find it so dreary I rapidly back out. But on at least two occasions I’ve happened to switch over when Bill Maher was on. He’s the foul-mouthed creep accusing Rick Santorum of homeschooling his children so they’ll be locked up “in the Christian madrassa that is the family living room, not out in public where they could be infected by the virus of reason” (catch the clip is at 7’27”, if you want to be in a bad mood for the rest of the day). On the occasions when I caught Maher on CNBC, I couldn’t help wondering whether he’d manage to look quite so revoltingly smug with a boom mike rammed up his jacksie.

Forgive my crudeness, but what a nasty prick! He reminds me of the sort of repellent, sneery, mean-minded, misanthropic hard-left blisters one used to encounter during one's student days. (Maher’s hatred of humanity is confirmed by the fact that he’s on the board of the animal rights group, PETA - I rest my case.) Apparently he hosts a weekly talk show on HBO and makes guest appearances on other stations. He’s described as a “stand-up comic”. Comic? Good Lord! He’s so unfunny, even Radio 4 might struggle to find a place for him in their schedules (and I’m talking about a radio station that regularly inflicts Ed Byrne, Richard Herring and Jeremy Hardy on us!)

Why are American media lefties even more rebarbative than our home-grown equivalents? Is it because, according to all the polls, only 20% of Americans describe themselves as hard-core liberals? (And I suspect only a half of those are sufficiently rage-filled or psychotically anti-American to appreciate the likes of Maher or Ed Schultz  - the other apology for a human being featured alongside that disgusting racist Al Sharpton in the Fox News video). It’s possible that the knowledge that your extremist views are shared by- at best - a mere ten percent of your fellow citizens can turn a man into a snarling, conscienceless animal. Or maybe they just start out as snarling, conscienceless animals.

The other mystery is where these people find a sufficiently large audience to bring in the advertising revenues that justify their continued employment. Inevitably, Maher is regularly honoured with awards by fellow-travelling lefties in the US entertainment industry – but apart from rich, smug coastal liberals, the sort of work-shy droolers who make up the Occupy movement, and the handful of sociopaths who enjoy the sort of filth and cruelty dished out on the US stand-up comedy circuit, who else could possibly find any pleasure in watching people as vile as these two?

Still, at least they make our own media lefties seem rational and cuddly in comparison. I must go off and find out what that nice Polly Toynbee has been writing about this week. 


  1. I was in a bar the other night,and as the EPL was'nt of much interest to my fellow drinkers,I asked the bar tender to switch over to The Beeb.
    Heads were raised when the sad and horrible news coming out of Toulouse flicked on screen;the reporter saying that the police were probably looking for a right-wing white supremacist.
    Eyes swiveled towards me and I should say at this stage that I was the only caucasian in this bar in a Muslim country whose clientele jokingly refer to themselves as being 95% Muslim (the beer at 5% proof making up the difference)
    No problem as they were a decent and friendly bunch,but things could change if the local Imam got hold of the story.
    So please Auntie i know it may gall you when later on it was discovered that it was'nt a right wing white supremacist thug involved in these dreadful crimes,but please don't jump to all the wrong conclusions.

  2. Just a malicious,tongue in cheek thought:Given the nature of the victims if the local Imam did indeed get hold of the (incorrect version)of the story,he may have cheered the right wing thug to the rafters.

  3. Several senior broadcast journalists brought shamew to the BBC on the day the story broke. The problem is that they're still over-excited by the fact that last year's Norwegian slaughter turned out to be the work of a white fascist - at last, a scenario that actually fitted the paranoid liberal narrative they started peddling the instant the Twin Towers collapsed. If the Toulouse killer had been a white right-winger, we'd have been inundated with scary programmes about far-Right extremist groups gearing up to go on a global rampage. As it turned out to be yet another Muslim terrorist, it's all kind of dribbled away (apart from the usual conscienceless political suspects dishonestly equating the death of the children killed in France with the plight of Palestinian children killed by the Israelis) - the lack of attention paid to Islamic terrorism by our broadcast media, whether it be against Jews, Christians, other Muslims or people without religious belief of any kind, is shameful.