Monday, 12 March 2012

Mail Online: "Britain's first transgendered male mother breaks up with baby's gay father" Yechhh!!!

Britain's first male mother has already split from his gay partner – less than a year after the birth of their daughter.'Stupidly we always said it wouldn't change our lives,' the partner, named Jason, told the Daily Mail. 'Obviously we had no idea.'Jason had been with Paul – who was born a girl – for six months when he found out that they were expecting a child.
The former charity shop manager said he was 'shocked' to learn that artist Paul, who still has female reproductive organs, was pregnant as he had understood that he was taking testosterone pills, which made it virtually impossible to conceive.
Their 'little angel' was born in March last year but the strain of their unconventional set-up became too much and  25-year-old Jason walked out.
He said: 'Our relationship has ended in a bad way. We do not really speak to each other now but we are determined to do right by our daughter. She is one next week. She's already started walking and is growing up so quickly.'Mail Online, 11/03/12

How did you react to that story? 

Did you feel proud to be living in a liberal, go-ahead, society busily shucking off boring, fuddy-duddy, restrictive concepts of family and fatherhood and motherhood? Did it make you feel warmly approving of our vibrant, emerging transgender community? Did you feel thankful that medical science has advanced to such a degree that a former female can change her appearance and sexual characteristics to such an extent that she can be accepted as a man by a sexual partner while retaining a workin set of female reproductive organs?

Or, like me, did it make you want to throw up?

The problem is, I'm not sure I'm legally allowed to feel that way any longer. Do my natural feelings of revulsion constitute a hate crime? Or would writing about them constitute a crime? Or would I have to speak to the man/woman/thing who gave birth to this baby and tell them exactly what I thought of him/her/it before I could be arrested and charged?

As David Vance, who posted this story on the website, A Tangled Web, remarks: " What sort of Nation are we becoming?" A fantastically selfish one, I'd say.


  1. Must say, like you, I felt like throwing up. How twisted can you get!!?

  2. To use a favourite Left-Liberal word, I think you are being "judgemental".

    When I see photographs of Lord John of Elton [did he do the "Candles" song or the one about leaving his cake out in the rain? I get confused] and his Canadian Catamite sorry, civil partner] lugging a carry-cot about containing young Master Furnish-John [as God is my judge]I come over all unecessary.

  3. Elton John did Candle in the Wind. Richard Harris did MacArthur Park, where he leaves the cake out in the rain, after he'd taken so long to bake it. Never fully grasped the meaning of those lyrics!

  4. Bafflement is the word that comes to mind. If Jason is convinced that he prefers to play for the away team, then he's let the side down rather badly. Make up your mind boy. Gays are not usually noted for their interest in female anatomical interactive participation so one must conclude either that Jason has a faulty satnav in his wedding tackle department, or that he runs with the fox and hunts with the hounds. If you genuinely can't make up your mind, Jayce, why not try your luck with one of the Russian Womens' shot putt team, who span the gap and must appeal to both sides of the divide.

  5. SDG and Tropical Rob, MacArthur Park is a song given to Richard Harris by the great Jimmy Webb, who also wrote Wichita Lineman, By the Time I Get To Phoenix, Galveston and Didn't We Almost Make It, amongst others. Check out his 10 Easy Pieces, in which he strips down these great songs to a simple piano and occasional guitar accompaniment.