Thursday, 8 March 2012

The cheerful courage of winter flowers: Fotherington-Thomas writes

There's nothing quite as cheering as the sight of winter flowers (apart, perhaps, from receiving an unexpected refund from the Inland Revenue or hearing that yet another Liberal Democrat minister has had to resign). The sun was out this morning so we took ourselves off the Kew Gardens, which was at its loveliest. There's something about daffodils, crocuses and winter-fowering cherry blossom shivering in the wind that makes me go all anthropomorphic - it's hard not see something cheerfully brave in their defiance of the cold. (My wife pointed out that, when we were young, most daffodils were of the stolid, bright-yellow, big-trumpeted municipal sort - there now seems to be an almost endless variety of more delicate varieties, which is to be welcomed.)

Further commentary would be pointless (except to say once more "God Bless Kew Gardens and everyone who works there!"). Here are some of the many photographs we took today:


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