Saturday, 11 February 2012

Mia Love - the sort of American black who must drive liberals nuts

I don't know why, but I get a distinctly naughty thrill when watching right-wing American political ads and "gun owner" appears as one of the candidate's selling-points.

Mia Love's name makes her sound like a porn star, and given that she's the daughter of illegal Haitian immigrants who arrived in the US with $10 in their pockets, one imagines the temptations to become a professional victim of some sort might have been strong. But, unless she's making her personal history up, Mom and Dad sound like utterly splendid people. Imagine that sort of start, and you end up attending your daughter's college graduation ceremony. I'm practically in tears just thinking about it.

The 36-year old, who's mayor of Saratoga Springs in Utah, has just announced she's running for Congress, and, if I could, I'd vote for her: her "Issues" page is a right-winger's wet dream.

Obviously, I didn't find out about Mrs Love from the BBC: I read about her on the Biased BBC website in an item headlined "The BBC Will Not Be Discussing This Republican". That's for sure, because Mia Love doesn't fit the liberal "victimhood" immigrant narrative beloved by Mark Mardell and his unremittingly left-wing colleagues.

BBC coverage of the United States gives one the impression the place is done for: hunt around the web a bit and you begin to realise there are a lot of Mia Loves out there - but, of course, Aunty will continue to do her best to stop us finding that out. After all, blacks are invariably downtrodden, exploited and useless, and need white liberals to arrange generous hand-outs and preferential treatment for them if they're to get anywhere at all (which they probably won't, because of the legacy of Slavery, or something) - and they're all Democrats who'll vote for Obama. Any blacks who don't conform to this narrative have been brain-washed by evil conservatives into believing they're as good as anyone else, and that they really can make it without the help of white left-wing "champions".

For a liberal, "uppity" types like Mia Love really need to learn their place.

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