Monday, 13 February 2012

Like the monsters in horror films, Ali Dizaei and John Prescott keep coming back

At the end of the 1978 horror movie, Halloween, the detective played by Donald Pleasance shoots the monster, Michael Myers, who proceeds to crash through an upper floor window onto the suburban lawn below. When Pleasance reaches the window to check that his bullets and a particularly violent defenestration have had the desired effect, he discovers that the lawn is empty. The Monster Has Escaped Death.

I couldn’t help being reminded of Halloween when I read a few minutes ago that a court has found former Commander Ali Dizaei of the Metropolitan Police guilty of corruption. Again. For the same crime he was found guilty of in 2010, and for which he served 15 months in jail before his conviction was quashed. And he’s been sentenced to three years in prison. Again.


No, I didn’t even want to know this ridiculous system works, but I expect I’ll be reading the headlines about him being released, retried, re-sentenced, re-imprisoned and re-released before too long. Because, like so many people in national life these days, Ali Dizaei is proving indestructible.

A similar case is that of Baron Prescott, of Kingston upon Hull in the County of East Yorkshire, our extremely distinguished former Deputy Prime Minister. Now, this revolting thug wasn’t tried for corruption (although I’m sure charges of extreme stupidity or cosmic incompetence would have stuck), but, having shamed himself by having an affair with his “diary secretary” (whatever that is), and by playing croquet on the lawn of a stately home just like one of them lah-de-dah toffs he professes to hate, and by screwing up this country’s transport system, and by wasting everyone’s time trying to introduce yet another layer of local government (we all said “No thanks, Fatso – and, please, put your chipolata away”), and by knocking down perfectly viable terraced housing in Liverpool in order to replace it with massively expensive, jerry-built modern rubbish that no one wanted to live in… well, thanks to all these triumphs, the ugly old moron departed front-line politics when Gordon Brown became PM (my God, what a pairing they’d have made!), and I’m sure many of us thought - or at least hoped - that that was that.

But, no, the BBC had to give the repulsive chancre a TV series about class divisions, and he still kept popping up on the Today Programme to make other uneducated, inarticulate people with single-figure IQs feel better about themselves, on the “he can it do if, could so I!” principle, and then there were all those revelations that he “suffered” from bulimia (i.e. he was a fat, greedy pig who habitually stuffed his great pudding of a face  ‘til he puked). 

And, now, for God’s sake, he’s just announced he intends standing for the job of Police Commissioner in some place evidently called Ool (I think it’s in the North). The BBC tried to make it sound as if the decision was something to do with public service, but as this interview in the Independent makes clear, he just hates the police.

There’s a very good reason why, when prominent Britons fall from grace (although that’s not a word one would readily associate with "Lord" Prescott), we should all gather round and give them a right good kicking so they’ll never forget how completely and utterly we despise them. Otherwise, their ridiculous egos will simply re-inflate with methane, and they’ll return to haunt us: I'm sure that, when the glory days have ended, they can't sit quietly in a room without realising just how bloody awful they are.

The same goes for criminals like Ali Dizaei and “popular” entertainers like Lenny Henry. 


  1. EITHER… Dr. Dizaei is the world’s most unlucky copper OR: He is a very very bent, corrupt copper. To be convicted once of perverting the course of justice could be considered unfortunate… to be convicted twice of the same offence… well – what does that say about him?

    Clearly, its evident that the Met and the CPS have gone all out to convict him and that they have had several goes at eviscerating him, with greater or lesser success. They have been gunning for him for years. Who else has had a reported £7 MILLION spent on them, to examine whether or not they were corrupt? Astonishing story, worthy of a film… Dizaei has been a major pain in the ass for the Met for many years, deservedly or not, which either makes him a champion for the minorities or a self-serving cynical individual. The apparent flaws in the character of the main prosecution witness were not to save Dizaei on this occasion, but what about an appeal?

    I do not believe we have heard the last of this…


  2. Your comments in a previous post irritated me very much ["Borgen"] so I was looking for an "ein Schwerpunkt". Unfortunately, I did not find one. I agree 100% with what you say. You got it right, old boy!

  3. "Self-serving, cynical individual" would be my bet, Anonymous. And his ruthless exploitation of his ethnic minority status to keep himself in a job and get himself promoted on a regular basis is, I think, disgusting. And, yes, I bet we haven't heard the last of him... in some ways, it must be useful to be born without the capacity to experience shame.

    By the way, I forgot to mention that other repeat offender, Ken Livingstone. To think that this truly despicable turd could be Mayor of London again within a few short months is terrifying. And then there's Carlos Tevez... I mean, how is that even possible???

  4. when it comes to jury dizaei looses the trial but when his case was heard in court of the appeal he was freed... I wonder why?!?!?!??! judges are educated, they can not be brain washed by media, unlike jury they do not take any rubbish from ipcc or cps....

  5. The Doctor Who Fanzine [Radio Times} tells me that Lord Prescott is appearing on Desert Island Discs to-day at 11.15 am. Promises to be a real treat.

    "A Diary Secretary" is a euphemism sometimes for people like Prescott to get their peckers on the pay-roll [see Sir Les Patterson and his three dusky helpers and Lord Gnome&Rita Chevrolet]. And all these rumours about Lady Forkbender....

    The next people to make a come-back, I suspect, are Gary Glitter, Jonathon King and Michael Barrymore. And we're not done with Sir Ian Blair or Lord Archer or our little Estonian friend yet. Jonathon Ross is already restored to his former glory.

  6. Yesterday, having managed to avoid DIDs in the morning, I was checking on the timing of a film in the programme guide when I noticed that Prescott was due to appear on something called "That Sunday Night Show" at 10.00 pm on ITV1. Close shave.

    You are an interactive media boffin. Is there a facility whereby you can form a list of people you want to avoid [like Frank Skinner, Shami Chakrabarti, Simon Hughes, Shirley Williams etc etc], press one of these mysterious buttons on the tele-commander and you then receive automatic warnings like "Alarm! This programme contains Prescott"? This would be more useful than the ubiquitous "flash photography" warnings so beloved of the BBC [before this helpful latter convention was introduced was there a very high incidence of epileptic fits in the nation's living room?]