Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Why are we funding a nomenklatura to dream up ways of driving us mad?

The proposal unveiled at today’s Labour Party Conference to reward state school pupils by awarding lower A-level grades to those who attend private school is so intellectually pitiful that to bother criticising it would be the equivalent of clubbing a defenceless baby seal to death without even having to get cold.

It’s the source of this immoral, steaming turd of an idea that’s instructive. AQA is the biggest exam board in the country. It is evidently a politically-motivated organisation, as it displays the defining hallmark of the modern, urban, educated liberal-left - i.e. the people who now run this country - by proposing something which sounds compassionate (helping “disadvantaged” kids – bless!), but which is actually motivated by pure malice (it wants to punish those of us who’ve made sacrifices in order to provide our children with a good start in life). 

God, I loathe organisations like AQA and the smug, arrogant, interfering tossers who control them!

What today’s announcement demonstrates is that AQA, like every other publicly-funded body, has far too many people working for it, which means it’s receiving far too much of our tax money, which means it should have its budget slashed. If a number of AQA employees can waste time sitting around coming up with daft and wholly unnecessary proposals like this farrago of vicious nonsense, and then spend more taxpayer-funded time unveiling them at political conferences – they’re evidently not needed for the work we pay their organisation to do on our behalf, and should be sacked. 
And that’s never going to happen.

It sometimes feels as if the main purpose of our tax system – originally designed to protect Britons from each other and this country from other countries – is now to allow city-based liberal-leftists time to dream up and then implement an endless stream of projects designed to change irrevocably this country and its people. There are two things this pampered, destructive class of public sector liggers really wants to alter: basic human nature, and our freedom to choose what’s best for ourselves and our families.

Human nature dictates that we want to provide our children with whatever advantages we can afford, using a combination of our own money, talents,  wisdom and connections. Members of our liberal-left nomenklatura, while nepotising away like billy-o on behalf of their own little darlings, want us ordinary folk to ignore the impulse to help our own, in order that they - state-funded experts - can become the sole dispensers of privilege. 

And why not? It worked brilliantly in the Soviet Union!

At the heart of all this lies the concept of choice – or, more accurately, who is to be allowed to exercise it. Experts feel that their degrees and qualifications and management-outreach courses and the achingly enlightened nature of their political opinions all entitle them to decide how, for instance,  education, the health service and the criminal justice system should work. In the past, the chance of a government with an entirely different political agenda coming to power tended to keep such arrogance in check. Now that the main parties basically agree on everything, apart from a few minor details, there’s no reason for the experts to hold back – they can do pretty much anything they want! 

Because you and I can’t vote to change the basic political direction of the government (well, we can, but it’s not going to make a blind bit of difference), our desire to exercise choice on behalf of ourselves and our families has become utterly irrelevant to these, our true masters. 

To adapt a quote from Ma Joad in The Grapes of Wrath: “We’re the nomenklatura. They can't wipe us out; they can't lick us. We'll go on forever, 'cause we're the nomenklatura.”

The only way any government is going to wrest power back from these leeches is to ensure they have to work for a living. If you’re actually doing something practical nine hours a day – like, for instance, marking exam papers or teaching children – it means you don’t have time to loll around in meetings dreaming up ways to further subvert democracy by cementing your control over the poor buggers who pay your salary.

But here’s the problem: I don’t believe the current crop of leading politicians actually want to regain control of the country – because they’re all members of the liberal-left nomenklatura themselves. Until someone ordinary and oikish and awkward and bloody-minded emerges from the real world – a Margaret Thatcher or a Norman Tebbit – and stops our taxes being wasted on these self-regarding creeps, nothing will change.

If there’s an ordinary, awkward, bloody-minded oik from the real world reading this who fancies giving it a go - for God’s sake, hurry up and emerge!

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