Friday, 11 December 2015

Presumably a fake - but a witty one (hat-tip: Peter Sharman)


  1. Very witty, as indeed was Sharman as a teenager, as well as being a top bloke, even though his tendency to headlock anyone mildly critical of the works of Bo Diddley meant that one had to tread a careful path.

    1. Fortunately, he and I were of the same opinion when it came to Elias McDaniel's greatness. But, in any case, were there any Diddleyists at King's? Wouldn't they have been weeded out during the selection process?

  2. I was not aware of any selection process, other than via exams and some more exams and also exams. Exams were also involved. So were exams.

    I was also a supporter of the great man Diddley but being a conventional sort of chap I found his box-shaped guitars uncomfortably unorthodox, as if some wild Marxist had infiltrated the Burns guitar factory and taken Hank Marvin hostage while he subverted the design process, removing the 24th fret cutback and demanding an absence of shapeliness appropriate to Cliff.

    A while ago, I had a chance to buy one. I thought about it and passed. It might have been influenced by a conversation in 1969 with Pete on the second floor of the KCS new block in which I asked whether he had heard the man's new release "Bo Diddley is a trainee Chartered Accountant". It did not land well.