Monday, 29 December 2014

The Grønmark Blog Political Awards for 2014

The most indefensible excuse for bad behaviour award
The shooting to death by a white policeman of black teenage thug Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, leading to widespread, rioting, looting, ersatz outrage and  political posturing and race-huckstering of the most revolting kind.

Funniest minorities political protest of the year award
The Glaswegian dwarf who insulted council staff before dropping his little pants and pooing on the floor of the main reception area of his local council headquarters because he couldn’t reach some implements in the kitchen of his rate payer-subsidised council flat.

Saddest running story mostly ignored by British politicians and the mainstream media because of mulitculturalist sensibilities
The rape, torture and slaughter of Christians by Muslims in the Middle East. We continue allowing adherents of the religion of peace to settle in our countries, where our hate crime laws ensure we can’t even say anything vaguely critical about them, while our fellow-Christians are massacred in Muslim countries without any form of protection or redress. I expect this makes sense to someone.

Most potentially cheering political trend 
Jews are deserting the Democratic Party in the US and Labour in the UK, and there has been a huge drop in support for Labour among Indian immigrants here.

The biggest politicial CAUC of the year award 
Russell Brand. Obviously.

Most shocking confirmation of the madness of multiculturalism
The revelation that a Labour-run council allowed paedophile rape gangs composed of Pakistani-origin Muslims to rape over 1000 underage white girls because actually doing anything to prevent it might have left officials and police officers open to charges of racism. (I wonder if they’d have been as relaxed about white men raping underage Asian girls.)

Most appalling example of rude behaviour
David Mellor’s drink-fuelled rant at the cabbie who had the misfortune to drive the former Conservative cabinet minister and his partner from Buckingham Palace to their central London home.

Most revolting piece of feelgood left-liberal posturing of the year
A four-way tie between British politicians wearing “This is what a feminist looks like” T-shirts, Michelle Obama posting a photo of herself holding a sign reading “Bring Back Our Girls”, the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” campaign, and the idiots wearing “I Can’t Breathe” T-shirts. Wankers, one and all.

My political read of the year
Daniel Hannan’s  book, How We Invented Freedom & Why It Matters in which he argues for a revival of the Anglosphere as a force for freedom and prosperity in the world.

Funniest description of a politician of the year
Michael Deacon on outgoing president of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso: “In case you can’t quite place him, picture Jabba the Hutt after a fortnight on the 5:2 diet.”

Dumbest tweet of the year
A tie between Labour frontbencher Emily Thornberry tweeting a jaw-droppingly contemptuous photograph of a house with a flag of St George draped over it and a white van in front with the words "image from Rochester", and Andy Murray’s deranged “let’s do this” tweet on the eve of the Scottish independence referendum.
Most idiotic attempt to blame the state of the world for a celebrity's death
Russell Brand writing about Robin Williams, the sick, depressed, broke Hollywood actor who committed suicide: “Is it melancholy to think that a world that Robin Williams can’t live in must be broken? To tie this sad event to the overarching misery of our times?” No, not melancholy, Russy-Wuss – just fucking ridiculous.

Best article of the year
Alan Johnson’s  “It’s time to stop infantilising the Palestinians”, in which he pointed out the unfariness of holidng Israelis to the standards of civilisation, while celebrating the tendency of Palestinians and their supporters to indulge their basest urgings.

Most unintentionally hilarious "the men are coming up the drive" article of the year
Former Tory MP and Thatcher-aide, Matthew Parris, visited Clacton during the by-election campaign, and found it full of frightful, stupid, ugly, common UKIP-supporting oiks whose support the Conservative Party didn't really want anyway. So there!

Death of the year
Bradford headmaster, Ray Honeyford, whose career was destroyed by the left-liberal establishment after he published an article questioning the benefits of multiculturalism in The Salisbury Review in 1984.

Most heartening election result of the year
A three-way tie between UKIP winning the Euro elections and two by-elections;
Obama’s Democrats getting whipped in the mid-terms; and the Lib Dems being annihilated in every election they contested.

Most OMG international politics move of the year
Russia and Saudi Arabia using a UN report to criticise Norway’s human rights record.

Most terrifying political news of the year
That Diane Abbott intends standing for London Mayor

Most ludicrous, hysterical, lying, left-wing non-story of the year
Screaming Daily Mirror front page banner headline: “So why have we handed out ONE MILLION food parcels?" accompanied by a stock image of a crying child, supposedly suffering from hunger. (Two answers sprang to mind: (1) we’re very generous, (2) people love free stuff.)

The “Penny Drops” award
The growing realisation that left-liberal Oxford PPE graduates have done more to destroy this country since the end of the Second World War than any other group.

Most arrogant, unconvincing political non-apology of the year ward
Culture Secretary Maria Miller’s stunningly graceless 34-second non-apology to the Commons after being ordered to repay £5,800 of claimed expenses. Classy.

Most malevolent, mean-spirited nanny state health nazi campaign of the year award
The global attack by left-wing puritans on the use of e-cigarettes by people desperate to give up cigarettes.

Most shockingly hypocritical political trend
The shoehorning of Labour politicians’ pampered, privately-educated offspring into safe Labour seats, proving that the hereditary principle is alive and well amongst our most vociferous egalitarians.

The “Why Isn’t That Politician in Prison?” award
Shared between Ed Balls and Gordon Brown. Again. As it will be until both of them are actually in prison.

Most ridiculously arrogant left-liberal elite appointment of the year
The BBC’s appointment of left-winger Duncan Weldon as Newsnight’s Economics Correspondent. The BBC moved well beyond "taking the piss" territory here.

Most blatant Cultural Marxist lie of the year award
Socialist commentator Owen Jones accusing the BBC of right-wing bias.

The least surprising right-wing fact of the year
Gypsies and travellers are over-represented by a factor of 50 in UK prisons. Hard to credit, I know.

Principled stand against liberal-left anti-Israel bullying
Scarlett Johansson's refusal to stop promoting the Israeli company Sodastream, despite left-wing pseudo-outrage. You go, girl!

Most shocking misuse of public money
£11,750 of our money spent on a portrait of Diane Abbott, the left-wing Labour politician who sent her son to a private school.

Bravest verdict of the year in the face of left-wing hysteria
Police officer cleared by a jury of unlawfully killing black, gun-carrying, drug-dealing gangster Mark Duggan in Tottenham – the event which sparked the riots in 2011.

The most inept leading politician of the year award 
1. David Cameron for panicking in the face of one adverse opinion poll and desperately trying to save his political hide by promising Scots the earth if they just voted "No" to independence - which is exactly what they would have done anyway. Idiot!
2. Ed Milliband for being so useless that the "No" campaign ordered him to stay away from Scotland because every time he opened his weird mouth, droves of Labour supporters defected to the SNP.
3. George Osborne for blatantly lying about halving the amount of extra money Britain would have to pay to the EU for having a sort of okay economy. Britain will end up paying exactly what the EU asked it for.
4. Nick Clegg for running away from Parliament in an attempt to pretend that he wasn't actually the deputy prime minister of the government which has been running this country for the past four and a half years. God, what a disgusting little weasel he is. 


  1. Wonderful!

    I would take issue with only one. Personally, I'd have given the The “Why Isn’t That Politician in Prison?” award to Blair. After all, Balls and Brown only wrecked the economy. Blair wrecked the entire country.

    Happy New Year!

    1. I know I'm probably at fault here, but I just can't bring myself to loathe Blair as much as I do the other two - even though I know I really should. Maybe it's because being linked to Cherie makes him look almost human in comparison.

      And a Happy New Year to you!

  2. A splendid list and thank you for it.

    The distraughtly defecating dwarf may not, however, have been Glaswegian .

    He was, I think, from Hull, Scott.

    Glasgow has sometimes been mistaken for Hell but seldom for Hull.

    I especially liked your "Penny Drop" section.

    Many years ago I read 'The Crossman Diaries' and the eponymous author's gazing fondly around Cabinet table and smugly counting the number of Oxford Firsts only months before the IMF had to bail out Britain is an image that will remain with me forever.

    1. Ah, yes - Crossman: a perfect illustration of why intellectuals shouldn't hold high public office. Tony Crosland - who, naturally, got a first in PPE - is another.

      As for mixing up Hull and Glasgow - apologies. I am evidently losing the plot.

  3. Replies
    1. Great minds, Mr. Moss - I suspect I was writing a post on this very subject when you commented! Persecuting Katie Hopkins is probably more fun for Police Scotland than dealing with all those murders in Glasgow.