Sunday, 3 August 2014

What Stephen Fry and Will Self have in common (apart from being left-wing and fantastically irritating)

According to the Dictionary of National Celebrity, Stephen Fry is “a stupid person’s idea of what an intelligent person is like.”

While doing the washing up last week, I became aware of William "Will" Woodard Self droning on in his all-too-imitable Eeyorish style on BBC Radio 4’s A Point of View (something about the changing nature of our vision of Utopia) when the following thought popped into my head:

“Will Self is a stupid teenager’s idea of what an intelligent teenager is like.”

I was quite pleased with that.


  1. I'm sure I read somewhere that that description of the odious Fry was by Julie Burchill .

    If true, that;s at least one favour she has done the world.

    1. I think the common threads that run between Stephen Fry and Will Self are their spectacular smugness, self-satisfaction and over-bearing levels of self-worth - sadly far too many people believe in them, particularly their publicists who must grow fat on the lardiness of their gravy-trains.

    2. Ms Bullshit says she can't remember saying it - the claim was made on her behalf by her husband. Still, anyone who writes as much as she has will ineviatbly produce a few gems - and this was a particularly fine one. Similarly, Stephen Fry once defined "countryside" as "killing Piers Morgan", which made me howl.