Thursday, 31 July 2014

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown - the most stupid woman on Earth - weighs in against evil Israel

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown – the most ridiculous Peter Simple character not actually created by Michael Wharton – has been criticising the inactivity of what she describes as “good Israelis” (presumably the ones who would be only too happy to be slaughtered by barbaric Islamofascists). In a tweet that sums up the boundless nastiness and irrationality of the Left, she tells us: “Jews were massacred by Nazis & good Germans did nothing. Now Israel massacres Gaza infants & good Israelis do nothing. Wrong lessons learnt.”

Arguing rationally with Yasmin and her ilk is, of course, futile, but even someone as intellectually underpowered as I am can detect one or two minor flaws in her Argumentum Ad Hitlerum. For a start, the idea that there's an equivalence between German Jews in the 1930s and Palestinians living in Gaza is, to put it mildly, unconvincing:

German Jews weren’t lobbing rockets at German civilians when the Nazis came to  power.

German Jews weren’t teaching their children that German gentiles were apes without souls.

German Jews didn’t vote for political parties advocating that German gentiles be driven into the sea so that their land could be handed over to Jews.

German Jewish terrorists weren’t using German Jews as human shields to protect themselves and their weaponry. (The BBC’s appallingly biased Middle East Editor, Jeremy Bowen, says he has seen “no evidence” for the claim that Hamas are using civilians as human shields – which suggests he missed a recent news item where the reporter explained that Hamas representatives had insisted on being interviewed in the grounds of a Gaza hospital so they wouldn’t be targeted by the IDF.)

Many “good” Germans protested against the Nazi treatment of the Jews and either had to flee their homeland or ended up being murdered in concentration camps.

1.8 million people live in the Gaza Strip. After three weeks of heavy bombardment there have been 1,360 deaths in Gaza. Of that total, many will have been terrorists. This would suggest that either the Israelis are incredibly incompetent at killing people (unlikely) or that – in direct contrast to the blood-crazed savages they’re fighting – the IDF has made an almost superhuman effort to target terrorists rather than civilians.

One of the many things Yasmin and her poisonous fellow-leftists choose to gloss over is that Israeli Jews are allowed to protest against the way Israel is conducting its war against terrorist aggression. Obviously the BBC or Channel 4 News wouldn’t tell you this – it doesn’t fit their preferred narrative - but many Palestinians blame Hamas for what’s happening in Gaza. Of course, criticising Hamas would be tantamount to a “good” German criticising the Nazi regime any time after 1933.

What’s particularly nauseating about the mass of anti-Israeli propaganda being pumped out by liberal Western media outlets is the way it ignores the simple irrefutable fact that Arab terrorists started the current conflict by lobbing bombs at Israeli civilians in the sure knowledge that Israeli public opinion would demand military retaliation. This is what Hamas wanted.

Hamas is essentially a PR organisation. It knows that, no matter how much “aid” money it converts into weaponry, it can’t defeat Israel on the battlefield, but it knows that it can count on the useful idiots of the Western liberal media to rally to its barbaric, irrational, hate-fuelled cause by ensuring a steady supply of pictures of dead Palestinian children. That’s where the likes of Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Jeremy Bowen and the truly awful Jon Snow come in.

As for “good” Israelis, where are the “good” Muslims horrified by the way Hamas is willing to sacrifice the lives of Palestinian Muslims in order to pursue their mad – and unobtainable – dreams of an international Caliphate or the eradication of Jewry or the murder of all homosexuals or the genital mutilation of every woman on earth or the banning of education for girls or the stoning to death of everyone who looks at them in funny way or whatever other monstrous stupidities they dream of as they polish their guns and fondle their rockets?

As far as I'm aware, the only thing most Israelis want is a homeland which they can protect against those who wish to destroy them. As for the "wrong lessons" Yasmin reckons the Jews learnt from what happened to them under Nazi rule, I presume she feels they should have learned that their role is to quietly submit to slaughter at the hands of the deranged fanatics who hate them.

What a ghastly human being she is.


  1. What a superb blog, many thanks

  2. JAB is human?! I always assumed she was made in the same basement workshop in Dzerzhinsky Square that produced those three (very) weird sisters: Lyse Doucet, Orla Guerin and Barbara Plett.

    It seems any notion of journalistic impartiality or objectivity was programmed out of the British media decades ago.

    Which leads us to the ludicrous Mr Snow...

    1. Four examples of extremely shoddy Soviet workmanship.

      A Jon Snow anecdote: a female BBC political correspondent was rather distracted one day. I asked her what was wrong and she said Jon Snow had criticised her at a dinner party the previous night for being too middle-class and having a plummy voice. Jon Snow!!!! I told her to ignore the arsehole, but she left the BBC and returned to print journalism soon afterwards. What a gent.

  3. Ah yes, meant to type YAB - though somehow JAB does seem more fitting.

  4. Sound common sense from Mr.Gronmark as usual.Mr Kerry there is a history lesson here.
    Well who would have thought it,Kristallnacht in Europe last week all over again and several newspapers declare there is no real explanation for this rise in anti-semitism as if immigration and demographics have nothing to do with it.
    I wonder what YAB makes of all those tunnels dug under Israel?

    1. Typical Jew lies! Those aren't tunnels - they're basement extensions.