Wednesday, 22 June 2016

"To be honest, I haven't decided yet." Really? What the hell's wrong with you!!!!!!

Don't you think Martin Durkin might have a point?
And do you not realise that most Leave propaganda basically boils down to this?...

Or are you too young to remember the last time a Tory prime minister lied through his teeth to get Britain to join what would become the EU - a sinister left-wing organisation hell-bent on eroding member states' independence and sovereignty?

Or maybe you're a masochist who just enjoys being ordered around by foreign presidents?

Or maybe you fell for this bloke's crap?

...which the "leader" of the EU today revealed to be yet another lie:

Or maybe, despite that, you still don't think our PM is a bald-faced liar:

...True, in a way, as he didn't pay it by Dec 1st - he waited a whole month before doing so! Or maybe you actually believed him when he pretended last week that he'd never been that keen on Turkey joining the EU:

Or perhaps you're really relaxed about these unelected, power-crazed, left-wing nonentities deciding your country's laws:

Or you seriously believe that our EU-supporting politicians haven't been engaged in a 40-year conspiracy to erode Britain's right to self-determination?

Or are you scared of being insulted by left-wing comedians?

The reason he had to spell it out is that that's exactly what he said. (I'm sure his "retraction" will have come as a relief to the likes of dimwitted Brexiteers such as Sir Roger Scruton.) Or maybe you're just scared of freedom?

For anyone still in doubt as to which way to vote, I recommend reading the following. If you remain stony-faced, vote Remain: if it makes you laugh, vote Leave:

And in the unlikely event that anyone reading this blog is a keen Remain supporter, just let me make it clear that I don't think that your opinions necessarily mean that you're mad, evil, communistic, stupid or unpatriotic. There are, I'm sure, perfectly sound reasons for voting to stay in the EU (not, to be honest, that I've encountered a single remotely convincing one so far). But if you're one of those people who intend voting Remain in order to secure slightly cheaper mobile phone roaming charges, or because it makes it more straightforward to get medical treatment when you'e on holiday - you do actually deserve to roast for eternity in the fires of hell. 


  1. Newsnight, Tuesday 21 June 2016, 18:46 - 23:44, Turkey identifies a material difference between our Prime Minister and confidence in truth-telling –

  2. "To be honest, I haven't decided yet"?

    When in doubt, always turn for advice to a French philosopher. That's my tip.

    And in this case, as luck/synchronicity would have it, the Telegraph newspaper have just published France would 'probably' vote to leave the EU, says country's most celebrated philosopher:

    One of the problems of Europe – which is the explanation for this populist reaction like a Brexit – is that this Europe is not desired any longer. And it does not create desire.

  3. "To be honest, I haven't decided yet"?

    An old-fashioned lefty of my acquaintance may be able to help:

    We're told that every country needs an elite for stable government, therefore "populist" raging about elites is divisive and misplaced. But of all the elites in modern times, our current political class is an elite with one important difference: it's a nobility that for the first time in history, has no sense at all of noblesse oblige.