Saturday, 18 June 2016

The selfishness and insensitivity of identity politics activists - just listen to this truly vile Missou graduate at an Orlando vigil

So, let me get this straight, because I'm really quite confused...

...people of various ethnicities and sexual persuasions gather to mark the slaughter of 50 mainly Latino gays by a brown man, and a bunch of black women get up on stage and accuse white people of caring more about the sufferings of homosexuals than they do about the sufferings of black folk? Have I got that right? I don't mind telling you that this "hierarchy of victimhood" game is way too complex for an old right-winger like me.

One of the main problems with identity politics is that many of its practitioners seem to feel that their identity - whatever it might be - is overwhelmingly the single most important thing about them, and that the treatment meted out to them by the rest of society dwarfs anything experienced by any other minority group. The natural affinity most people feel for their own kind - whichever group or groups they instinctively feel they belong to - ultimately becomes the only group for which these people are capable of feeling any sympathy at all, because, ultimately, they are emotional solipsists who only feel sympathy for themselves. They support other groups when those groups are useful to their own real or (more commonly) imaginary "struggle" - but, when those allies start to hog too much of the victimhood limelight, and they find themselves temporarily excluded from the ego-enhancing sympathy spotlight, they react with the unreasoning fury of a jealous sibling who senses that his or her brother or sister might be receiving more parental attention than they are. And like an outraged child, they lash out! The sistahs up on that stage couldn't really give gays a kicking, so they reverted to insulting the traditional target of their hatred - white men! Only there were evidently quite a few white gay men in attendance (at a vigil for the Orlando victims - who'd have thought?), so that didn't turn out to be such a brilliant move.

Let's face it - the vast majority of those identity politics enthusiasts who define themselves as "activists" for people just like them aren't heroes selflessly struggling against injustice: they're inadequate, needy, insecure people with friable egos, involved in a desperate, never-ending search for evidence that they're the victims of uniquely vicious and pervasive forms of bigotry and prejudice. When they can't find the evidence they crave, they just make stuff up - nobody's threatening them, but as long as they "feel" threatened, that's good enough for them, and should be more than good enough for everyone else. If the horrible, whining, selfish little drama queen Tiffany Melecio is anything to go by, America's "Black Lives Matter" must be among the very worst of these groups.

While writing this, I remembered that I once put forward a proposal for a board game called Victim! Reading that proposal again, I still reckon it would be a winner - it might even help some of these wretched people to realise what obnoxious, divisive, inhuman creeps they really are. 

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