Saturday, 18 June 2016

The best arguments yet for voting Leave...

This unspeakable eejit, obviously:
And this one, of course:

Who he? He's the French Economy Minister, Emmanuel Macron, that's who:

And there's always this chap:

Er... Nasty?  Multi-millionaire liars? Fuelling anger and hate? Tony Blair?  Dodgy dossier? Alastair Campbell????????

Speaking of the terminally delusional:

From the delusional to the frankly nauseating:

And, in  case you're wondering, Ricky D is pointing up Peter Jukes's shameful, grotesque misuse of the tragedy of Jo Cox's murder to imply that voting Leave would be tantamount to condoning the vicious murder of one one of this country's elected representatives. These people really need to get a grip.

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