Thursday, 23 June 2016

If you think our news broadcasters are biased, just watch an MSNBC “reporter” crawl up some old Democrat Congressman’s fundament

Given all the last-minute EU referendum hoohah yesterday, I was only vaguely aware of some US Democratic Party representatives having a nappie-filling leftie tantrum and staging a “sit-in” on the floor of the US Congress (or The House, or whatever - I'm not up on the terminology, to be honest). They’re demanding something or other to do with voting on gun control, because, you know, Islamic terrorists don’t kill people - guns kill people. Or Republicans with guns kill people. Look, whoever or whatever kills people, it certainly isn’t Muslims. Anyway, they’re jolly upset, because, despite one of their own being Dah Prez and all, they’re in a minority in Congress - have been for a while now - and, well, that’s just not fair. This democracy stuff really sucks, yeah?

So, quivering with self-righteous indignation, and virtue-signalling like billy-o, they’ve decided to disrupt the business of government - illegally - by plunking their capacious bottoms down on the floor of the House in a grotesque parody of “We Shall Overcome” ‘60s radicalism.

Those charged with maintaining the rules of the House had the right to drag them out of there, apparently, but - presumably because it might look bad on TV - allowed them to stay put. MSNBC’s fearless reporter/activist, Luke Russert, interviewed freedom-fighting ringleader, Rep. John Lewis, and - as you’d expect - gave the silly old sausage a really hard time. Instead of going with the easy questions - e.g. What the hell gives you the right to subvert American democracy in this grotesquely disrespectful manner, you posturing old ninny? Why didn’t you push through gun control legislation when your party controlled Congress, if it means that damned much to you? Why are you further undermining public respect for politicians and the political process by behaving like a petulant brat who’s been denied his fifteenth candy bar of the morning? - “Scoop” Russert went into full attack-dog mode, mercilessly ripping into the old Social Justice Warrior with the following zingers:
“Congressman John Lewis, a civil rights icon. Your stories are remarkable - beaten within one inch of your life it has been said. How important is this moment for you, and what do you hope to achieve?”
(Hey, son - go easy on the old guy!)
“You’ve had a distinguished congressional career. You’ve been here for many terms. Many of your colleagues who share your experience have never seen anything like this. The floor of the House of Representatives taken over by a party, literally using tactics you developed during the Civil Rights movement. How extraordinary is it that this is what it has taken, for you to have to do, to literally sit on the floor of the House before you get a vote?”
(Okay, tiger - you’ve really got him pinned in a corner now!)
“Congressman Lewis, lastly, put this in history for me. You are the civil rights veteran. You’ve been on Capitol Hill for a long time. You’ve seen this body work, you’ve seen it not work, you’ve probably seen a time when the sides were friendlier with one another, where they were at least willing to allow themselves to be heard. Where does this stack up for you in terms of what you’ve been able to accomplish in this life?”
(For God’s sake, stop, Luke! You might kill him!)

Next time you hear some ignorant British leftie whining about the bias on Fox News, point them at the Huppert clip. Even the Today Programme’s “lick lick, slurp slurp” approach to interviews with Blairite ministers in the old days never quite remotely reached this outrageous level of craven toadying.  The Daily Caller website (which tweeted the clip) termed the interview "fellatious". Spot on, I'd say.


  1. The appropriate character quote here would be Bricktop from the film Snatch

    "get your tongue out of my arsehole"

    horrible journalism

  2. Frankly, the BBC's coverage of this pathetic event wasn't a great deal better. This style of 'journalism' was born in the USA but we are fast learners. Well... the BBC is.