Thursday, 23 June 2016

Brexit - a few final visual odds and ends to amuse, anger and delight you

Townhall's Andre Walker's said this just about summed up the difference between the two campaigns:
Dead right. And because The Sun's front page is one of the best of the year, here it is in all its glory, without the Mirror's deeply unpleasant, nasty, cowardly "bumhole" cover to detract from its sheer magnificence:

We were thinking - yet again - of cancelling our Telegraph subscription (it's up for renewal any day now) but this cover has saved their bacon:

Our Spectator subscription has a while to run, but whenever it's due for renewal, this splendid cover alone will justify it:

And when you English Brexiteers are trying to figure out why you lost (apart, of course, from Dave and Gideon's unscrupulous behaviour), this might be a good place to start:

Yes, indeed - the Scots (who appear to be only too happy to accept tyranny, just as long it doesn't have an English accent), the left-liberal elitists who have captured our great university towns (if I'm reading the map right - I never was any good with maps), and of course, the denizens of The Great Wen, i.e. the vast left-wing migrant magnet that used to be the centre of the greatest empire the world has ever seen, but which, as the keen Brexiteer John Cleese pointed out a few years ago, can't really be described as an English city any longer. 

On a lighter note, someone just retweeted this Brexit meme, which I spent about an hour searching for yesterday:

I'll leave you with something that has absolutely nothing to do with the EU, but (a) it's genuine, and (b) it made me laugh:


  1. Scott Gronmark24 June 2016 at 05:07

    It's 4.44am, and I'm almost sure enough of victory to head for bed in a state of delighted shock. What a wonderful country, and what a splendidly bloody-minded people - lied to, threatened, accused of being racists and even of causing the death of Jo Cox, relentlessly bullied by an unbearably arrogant left-liberal elite, they chose to back themselves and their country and to reject rule by unelected foreign bureaucrats. Just glorious! I really hope I don't wake up to discover it was all a dream. I thought Remain would win by about 10% - I should have had more faith in the English - and the Welsh, of course. We're going to be in for a horribly bumpy ride - but, for now, rejoice! "Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive..."

    1. ... I stayed awake through the blissful dawn, fell asleep, woke up to find that Mr Cameron had resigned and that Nicola Sturgeon wants another independence referendum because Scotland voted to stay in the EU, fell asleep laughing and woke up to find that Jeremy C may be facing a vote of no confidence ...

      Why laughing?

      Scotland wants to stay in the EU? Which EU? The one with the Netherlands still in it or the next one? The one with France in it (bourse down 8%) and Italy (10%) and Spain (10%) while the FTSE-100 is only down 4%?

      Scotland wants to sever its ties with the English, who actually like them and are in many cases related to them? Nicola thinks she could win an independence referendum?

      If she's half as intelligent as she's cracked up to be, she won't call a referendum.

      No problem with Wales. They voted Leave. And Northern Ireland? They may want to be in the EU but they are also the definitive Unionists.

      Some child on the BBC objected that there would have to be a proper border between Northern Ireland and the Republic and that that would be an insurmountable problem. He can never have met an Irishman.

      The UK is safe. We're out of the EU. I've already forgotten the name of that Chancellor chap at No.11 but he's as good as gone and we might get a Conservative leader of the Conservative Party/Prime Minister. Not a bad day's work of Mr Cameron's.

  2. Fantastic headlines.Putting more faith in the polls than they deserved,I did take a punt on remain right on the last minute.It has taught me two things,first:I go with the herd-sadly,and second I misjudged The Great British Public.