Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Because only FREE STUFF will ease the hurt...

I thought that voting for a black president was supposed to ease America's racial tensions. Evidently the message didn't get through to Baltimore...


  1. These scandalous scenes are identical to the mayhem we witnessed after the Mark Duggan shooting. I think they begin with a handful of genuine protesters but are soon hijacked by louts, thieves and vandals.
    Shortly after the Duggan riots I was listening Any Questions (why do I torture myself?) when Margaret Hodge was on the panel. She excused the carnage as youngsters "over reacting" due to the injustice of bankers bonuses and tuition fees. Honestly, that's what she said. I think she got one of those typical BBC whooping, clapping and foot stomping roars of approval. Every sane person knows this is complete bullshit, but...
    When the great and the good make excuses for this blatant criminality we're in really big trouble.

    1. Yes, I think the "high jinks" meme is getting a little old by now.

      Obama started off well, by calling the protesters criminals and thugs, but then went down the usual path of demanding that the whole of America to do some soul-searching. What - because every American is to blame in a very real sense?

      My favourite response to the bestial behaviour in Baltimore was the CNN reporter who wondered if the problem might not be returning servicemen!!!! She has since apologised on air, claiming she was only quoting what other people had said to her - in which case they all need psychiatric help or to have their faces slapped, or both. (Why does the Left believe that ex-soldiers are necessarily madder than the rest of the population, when research suggests they're actually saner?)

      I commend your courage in listening to Any Questions - I've avoided it for years.

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    1. But the weird thing about a lot of the photographs was that they showed looters loaded down with rolls of toilet paper. I know there's a shortage of the stuff in Venezuerla - but Baltimore? You'd think they'd have more ambition.