Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Andrew Neil rips Labour's Shadow Health Minister a new one - if the Tories win, Neil should be knighted

I wonder if the likes of Andrew Marr and Evan Davies - or any of the rest of the BBC's resident battalion of Labour Party shills - ever watch one of Andrew Neil's brilliant forensic dissections of the clueless idiots who for some reason ot other seem to imagine they're fit to run this country. If they do, do they feel ever so slightly guilty at their own willingness to eagerly bend over the nearest desk whenever a left-wing politician hoves into view? Of course, these poodles turn into attack dogs whenever a Tory or a Ukipper appears in front of them - but rather than question their interviewees about their policies in a grown-up, illuminating manner, they simply resort to endless interruptions and snideness and various well-worn gambits out of the left-wing interviewer's handbook (which I listed here). 

Andrew Neil - who I didn't much like when I worked with him back in the late '90s - has turned himself into the best hard-core political interviewer on British television, usually only letting himself down when he allows the massive Glasgow chip on his shoulder to get the better of him. If only he'd been as good on evening television as he is during daylight hours, he might even have ended up with his dream job as main presenter on Newsnight. But what am I saying? There's no way a non-Oxbridge right-winger who made his name editing one of Rupert Murdoch's flagship newspapers and used to be seen regularly  cavorting in vulgar nightclubs was ever going to be allowed to helm the Ministry of Truth's main TV propaganda outlet. Pity - might have made the sorry pile of leftard junk worth watching.

In the event that the English electorate balks at the idea of being ruled by a spectacularly irritating wee Scotswoman who hates their guts, and votes for the Tories in sufficient numbers to allow Cameron to sneak back into power, a knighthood should be winging its way towards the 65-year old Scotsman with the orange hair. He's doing such a spendid job, it's time to forgive him for being snapped while wearing an old-fashioned vest and a baseball cap in the company of a toothsome young Asian girl some 20 years' ago - let bygones be bygones.

If Labour gets in, however, I imagine the BBC's leftist director of Television (fresh from his triumphant defenestration of J. Clarkson) will rapidly find some excuse to get rid of the Scottweiler, at which stage there will really be reason whatsoever for watching a single minute of political programming on the Labour Party's media wing.

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